How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft?

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Do you want to know how to make a secret door in Minecraft? Well, so many people play Minecraft for fun or entertainment. However, knowing the trick to create a secret door will take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Learning to conceal things isn’t all too easy. And so, you need to have a bag full of magic tricks to make up for it. But let’s face it – there are no magic tricks in reality. But I can tell you some tips and tricks that will surely help you keep your secrets completely protected using state-of-the-art hidden doors in Minecraft.

Let’s say you had a great day mining sparkly emerald. And now, you want to hide them in your secret base out of the hands of thieves and intruders. But the question is – how should you do it? And if I do it, would it be foolproof?

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Now, I will tell you all about my favorite magic trick – how to make a secret door in Minecraft. Today, you will know all about it. More so, I will tell you how to create hidden doors in Minecraft like a pro.

So, let’s dive in.

What Is a Secret Door, and Why Would You Need One?

Minecraft secret door is a hidden doorway that leads to a place created by a player. If you manage to find one, chances are you’ll find something valuable like an alchemy lab, secret storage, and many other valuables. And besides, you can easily guess that from its name because it has a certain ‘secret’ in it.

Creating a concealed secret room is essential to store your necessary items, especially when playing on a multiplayer server. You never know when or if someone is watching you and waiting to get after your secrets.

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This is precisely why you need a solid failproof plan inside your base– create multiple secret doors, or make them look alike so that the intruders get confused.

Even if you play the game with your PS4, you can do it easily. The process we have explained will show you how to make a secret door in Minecraft ps4.

What Things Do You Need to Create a Secret Door in Minecraft?

If you want to know how to make a secret door in Minecraft, there’s some equipment you need to gather. In below, you will find a list of things that you need. If you can gather all of the following materials, I can guarantee that you can skillfully make a hidden doorway in Minecraft. Here’s the list:

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  1. Redstone Repeater (2 items)
  2. Redstone Torch (1 item)
  3. Redstone Dust (6 items)
  4. Sticky Pistons (12 items)
  5. Lever (1 item)
  6. Door Material (1 item)
  7. Wall Blocks (20 pieces) or Existing Mountain

The list above will also help you understand how to make a secret door in Minecraft with Redstone.

How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft?

Now that you’ve gathered all the materials, we can discuss step-by-step how to build a Minecraft secret door. And one more thing – there are different ways you can make a secret door.

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So, if you’re confused and comparing one with the other, it’s not worth it. Just follow whichever method you feel is easy to understand and adequate for your gameplay.

Step 1: Attach the Pistons

Placing the 2×2 pistons is tricky, and you also need to check that they work perfectly. So, it’s better to check your progress as you continue to install them. So, place a sticky piston of 2×2 squares and put it on each side of the secret door.

Remember, the pistons have to be sticky, or else they will only open once and never close again.

Simply put, the door opens in the direction in which the piston faces. So, plan it before you make it. If you feel confusing, read it again carefully. Because it will let you know how to make a secret door in Minecraft with sticky pistons.

Step 2: Put on the Door Blocks

Now, you need to add the door space, i.e., the material that makes itself attach with the pistons. Simply put, this is the part that you see from the outside. So, choose whatever material is worth it for a good cover. The trick is to use a material that perfectly blends with the background.

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For now, you can use a contrasting material to see where the door is and to understand what you are doing and how it works. The sticky pistons need to be attached on both sides of the door – outside and inside.

Pro Tip: Using sand or gravel is a wrong choice. So, the idea is to use a material that can be slid, but it doesn’t stick. Still, thinking about what to use? Well, keep thinking.

Step 3: Build, Assemble, and Repeat

Go back to step 1 and 2 to create similar doors to create multiple secret doors. You can create a series of doors and make it look like it’s blended with the background. Remember, an illusion is the master of all magic tricks.

While you’re busy concentrating on one event, the trick is happening elsewhere. So, if you want to confuse your opponent, make sure he feels like he’s in a magical realm.

Pro Tip: Keep an equal distance from each block to make them look identical. Also, the original door needs 2 blocks of space to open, so keep your eyes open for at least 2 block gaps between two consecutive secret doors.

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Step 4: Build the Wall, Make It Great Again

Yes, just like Donald Trump said, you need to build a wall to conceal the pistons. Expert players will understand or dissect your construction with a few good looks but, it’s your job to protect your loot. A good wall should have at least 6 blocks in length and 4 blocks in height with a 2×2 square pocket space open in the middle for creating the door.

Step 5: Wire the Place

Wiring to secure the place is tricky work. But it gets a lot easier when you know the role of each part you’re going to assemble.  For starters, you need to create a loop-like structure for applying the Redstone dust.

Think of the Redstone dust as the fuel that powers the secret door. In other words, it helps to move the pistons, which opens the secret door.

Now, fix the repeaters in position facing opposite each other while keeping a 2 tick delay level. This will ensure that the door works perfectly. After that, apply the Redstone dust you have and place it on the remaining part of the loop, obviously connecting the repeaters. Make sure to check the connections and the repeaters are facing in the outward direction.

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After this, add the red torch once you’ve added all the wiring. Hang it with one of the two blocks placed above the door. As for the finishing touch, add the lever on the front wall on the same blocks where the torch is placed. The lever should open and close the door.

Pro Tip: The delay should ideally be between 1 tick and 3 ticks (maximum).

Step 6: Picking the Perfect Spot for Hideout

Making the best secret door in the world wouldn’t help if your base is left out in the open or easily recognizable. The good news is that any place would work except for ones made of sand and gravel.

I usually make a cave to make it look obvious to others. Then I go to the top and make my concealed base. Usually, it never sweeps past most people to check on top for a hidden door or something. And it worked for me in many games.

Step 7: Dig the Hole

You’re almost done with just a few pieces left to create a fantastic Minecraft red stone door. But I need you to focus on this part carefully. Dig a 2×2 hole where you want to create the base and then penetrate 3 blocks inside the mountain.

From there, clear out 2 blocks of size 2x2x2 dimensions creating a recess on both sides. That’s where you’ll place the sticky pistons.

The next part is for the Redstone. Make 2 holes and dig up 2 blocks from a channel of 4 blocks. And now clear a 2×6 block space from the ceiling of your cave. This will be your area for the Redstone.

Step 8: Add Redstone for the Internal Wiring

This is for the internal wiring when you’d need to open the door from the inside. Similar to the external wiring, add 2 repeaters on the place you cleared for the Redstone. Ensure 1 click or a second-level delay between the two repeaters for the door to work precisely.

Finally, finish off by applying Redstone dust around the rest of the cleared space. This should connect all the components on the inside.

Step 9: Place the Pistons

This is a 2-step work to create a sticky piston hidden door. Firstly, you need to attach a 2×2 sticky piston on each side of the door and follow that by adding piston columns of 1×2 size and attach them with the previous ones. If you’re not sure yet how to make a secret door with sticky pistons, wait till you finish the door. It will all make sense.

Step 10: Attach the Redstone Torch

The Redstone torch goes on one of the two blocks below the pistons. You’re free to choose either block.

Step 11: Add the Final Door and Fill the Holes

At this point, pushing the torch should make the pistons throw you outside the cave. But if you haven’t managed to do that. The other way is to dig yourself out.

Once you’ve made it out alive, put a door material and clear the holes with filler material to make it look clean. Look for holes that you may have forgotten to cover so that your efforts wouldn’t go to waste.

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Step 12: Wrapping up

Remember when you’ve placed a Redstone torch on the outside? Well, remove that and replace it with a lever which should open the door from the outside.

Once you’ve stored all your valuables inside, come out and destroy the outside lever. In this way, there’ll be no chance of being robbed from your basement.

In the end, there are also other methods people search like how to make a secret door in Minecraft with paintings but we don’t recommend that. The reason is that building a secret door with paintings is complicated.

Due to that, we have made sure that our method is the simplest method online for making a secret door in Minecraft.

To Sum It up

And voila! You’ve finally learned how to make a secret door in Minecraft. By the time you’re reading this,  you’ve already done it. Congratulations! Before you leave, I have one last exciting tip for you.

Our method will also be applicable for any version. If you want to know how to make a secret door in Minecraft education edition, you can use this method there also.

Build this kind of basement behind a waterfall. In that case, you would have to keep a block of the material above the place where the level should go. But I guess it’d be fantastic to have multiple concealing layers to distract the players even more.

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