Where is the Military Base in GTA 5 [Beginners Guide]

Where is the Military Base in GTA 5 [Beginners Guide]
Where is the Military Base in GTA 5 [Beginners Guide]

If you are a GTA 5 player, one question must have crossed your mind, where is the military base in GTA 5? So in this writing, we will answer some questions about this game and also about the military base in GTA 5. Keep reading to learn more.

Rockstar games are one of the most famous and popular game publishers of all time. Especially, they got famous for the game called Grand Theft Auto (GTA). So far, Rockstar Games has released so many versions of Grand theft auto. Among them, GTA 5 is the most recent and latest version of this game.

GTA games are mainly popular for their unique style. This is a kind of video game that is so close to reality. The game developer always tries to give their hard work in order to make this game more realistic. Also, the player of this game has two different options to play this game. One is story mode; another is online mode.

What is the Military Base in GTA 5?

GTA players always have so many questions about this game. But the most common one is that where the GTA 5 military base is. Players always get stuck in order to figure out the location of the military base. For beginner games, finding out the military base is always a challenge.

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In some cases, this is not marked on the map. The player needs to find out the military base location by themselves. Sometimes, players want to get there so that they can steal the Hydra fighter jet. Also, in order to complete some missions, the player needs to find out the military base location.

Where is the Military Base in GTA 5?

In the story mode of GTA 5, you will see there is something called “Lago Zancudo” in the GTA map. Basically, the military base is labeled as “Lago Zancudo” on the map. The geographical location of this base is in the south of the north Chumash beach. You will find a small town called Harmony.

It will be on the east side of Mount Josiah when you look at the map. It will seem easier for you to figure out. It is easily noticeable for the unique structure of the military base. You can also spot it by looking at the tip of the base. There is also some easiest and fastest way to get into the military base.

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How to Get in the Military Base in GTA 5?

There are various kinds of ways to get into the military base. But in order to get into the military base. You have to cross some roads that are surrounded by heavy fences and guards. Below are given some easy ways to get into the GTA 5 military base.

  • Method 01: By Using a Plane or Helicopter

Whatever you will try to enter the base air space. You will be convicted as two-star wanted. And you will be heard some radio warning is going on. If you do not leave the area afterward, then you will be given a full four-star wanted.

But you can also try to land on the ground from your aircraft. In order to land, you have to jump from your aircraft by using a parachute. When you land on the ground with your parachute, you will get some time to steal some military equipment or vehicle. But you have to be very careful and fast so that the army does not kill you.

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  • Method 02: By Using a Car

You can also go there by using a fast car. There are some different spots from where you can jump to the military base. You will see so many nice hills and cliffs near the border. All you have to do is to jump into the outer fences. Then you will notice a concrete road that goes through the main base.

But you cannot simply enter there because there are some gate guards. If you get caught, then they will kill you. So, you can find the exits on the north side. If you enter the premises from the exits, then you can enter there without getting any wanted star.

But once you have entered the premises, you will be given a four-star wanted level instantaneously. So you will really get a very short time to steal an army vehicle before you are killed by the army.

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  • Method 03: By Using a Motorcycle

by using a motorcycle, you can also enter the military premises. You can simply drive the motorcycle to the checkpoint of the military base. But you also have to be very careful about the gate guards. You always should look at them. When they look in the other direction, it is your time to enter the base.

In your right direction, you will also see a concrete road. You can also get into the premises by that road. But there are some risks on that right road. Again, once you have entered the GTA 5 military base, you will only get very limited time to steal any military vehicle before they kill you.

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How to Get Into the Military Base in GTA 5 online?

In the online mode of GTA 5, it is much more difficult than story or offline mode. Even the military base is also very dangerous in the online version. In online mode, Fort Zancudo is labeled as an off-limit military base. You will be given four-star wanted whenever you will enter the zone.

Additionally, the military or gate guards will start firing whenever you will go close to the zone. If you are playing as a single-player, you need to use an aircraft or any air transport to get inside. In the online version, you can also buy some aircraft hangars that will help you to land in the military base.

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There is something called GTA Online Smuggler’s Run update. It was released in late 2017. They have some aircraft hangars for the GTA 5 online. Basically, there are three types of aircraft hangar. If you want, then you can buy from these three. They are in the following:

  1. Fort Zancudo Hangar 3497 – $2,085,000
  2. Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 – $2,650,000
  3. Fort Zancudo Hangar A2 – $3,250,000

If you purchase one of these hangars, then you will able to enter the military base without getting any wanted star. Even the gate guards also will be easy for you. But if you start firing and stealing from the military zone. Then you will be given a two-star wanted level. And the military also will try to kill you.

The Bottom Line

No matter it is an online or offline version, GTA 5 is always a very trendy and popular game for all-time. Since it is a very realistic video game, that is why it is also very difficult to play this game. Especially the end missions are really hard to pass. But you may have the option to choose the difficulty level before starting this game.

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Most of the players of GTA 5 get completely lost when they try to figure out the military base. In most cases, it is very difficult to find the military base location. That is why you can follow the above steps and methods in order to find the GTA 5 military base location. Hopefully, now you know where is the military base in GTA 5.