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Why do Hunters Pattern Their Shotguns [Expert Guide]

Why do hunters pattern their shotguns? Why should every hunters do it before hunting? How to pattern shotguns? Yes, in this article below, we will answer all of the above questions for you. Our explanation will help you hunt like a pro.

Imagine buying a shotgun to surprise your friend with your marksmanship but failing in the act! The reason is that consistency and preciseness don’t come with a freshly made shotgun. It needs adaptation.

You need to use with for a few days with different shells with different ranges. This will give you an idea of how it works and how you can use it neatly. In other words, you need to “pattern” your arm. But why?

So, in today’s article, we will explain to you why do hunters pattern their shotguns along with some tips and tricks. Before that, learn a little about shotgun patterning to understand it better.

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Patterning a Shotgun: What does Patterning Mean?

The word patterning may seem a little confusing. Those are not familiar with this term in the case of a firearm. But it is one of the most common practices among shotgun owners around the world.

Basically, it is practice with a shotgun to understand its firing pattern, distance, and shell-compatibility. This gives a clear conception of the work process and ability of a shotgun.

This patterning process is different for every shotgun and firearm. The reason behind this may be the difference in production with different companies. It sure is a very important part of using a firearm.

Shotgun Patterning: Why do Hunters Pattern Their Shotguns?

There are many reasons behind this particular act. The reasons are as follows-

1. To Improve the Hunting Skills

Starting your hunting just after getting a shotgun will not improve your hunting skills. The first thing to do after getting one is to understand the pattern of the shotguns. There are many benefits to knowing the pattern that will make you a skilled hunter.

Without knowing it, you will not learn how to operate a shotgun efficiently. If you know the pattern, you will get familiar with the way how to shoot. If you need to hunt without a miss, you must understand why do hunters pattern their shotguns.

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Also, you will find so many manufacturers providing shotguns with various models. And each shotgun model has a different mode of operation. So, it is imperative to know the patterning of your shotgun so that you can learn the way it works. This will ultimately help you to improve your hunting skills.

2. To Avoid Unintended Accidents

If you don’t know the pattern of the shotgun, it can often lead to unintended accidents. This will happen because you may not be able to shoot your target. Therefore, it can cause the painful death of another animal that was not the target. If you don’t want to get into unintended accidents, you must understand why do hunters pattern their shotguns.

And, this goes against hunting ethics. Ethics says that you cannot kill an animal brutally while hunting. You have to kill in such a way that the death of the animal is as painless as possible. So, to avoid this unintended accident, you must learn the pattern of the shotgun.

3. Increasing the Accuracy of a Shotgun Choke

The accuracy of the shotgun choke should be perfect if you want to shoot the target well. Because its accuracy indicates how well you can shoot. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the accuracy of a shotgun choke.

Yet, to increase it, you need to know the shotgun’s patterns. Thus, whenever your shotgun is patterned, you can optimize the accuracy of your shotgun choke.

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4. To Pick Different Shotguns Ammunition That Performs Best

If you know the patterns of your shotgun, you can understand the overall performance of it. Different types of shotgun ammunition come with various grades as well as brands.

Besides, the pattern of the shotguns will also assist you in finding out shell types, shot sizes, and different loads, ensuring the best performance. While hunting, you may switch different loads against the shotgun patterns. You can understand which type, size, and loads are best for your shotgun.

These things will help you to know the right distance to shoot your target. Therefore, giving an accurate shoot becomes easy for you. In this way, it will increase the performance of your shotguns.

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5. To Select the Right Shotgun

If you hunt regularly, you will need the right shotgun to hunt. But, how do you know if this is the right one? As we already mentioned that one shotgun is different from the other. So while selecting a shotgun for a specific type of hunting, you need to know a few things to select it.

In that case, the patterning of the shotgun will help you select the specific type of shotgun. For example, if you are going to hunt wild turkey, you should use a tight pattern shotgun. In this way, the pattern of the shotguns can entitle it to a different grade.

6. To Make Hunting Easier

Hunting may be your hobby or profession. But whatever it is, you will always want to hunt in an easy way. Besides, you will also want the shotgun you use to hunt to make you feel comfortable while firing.

Therefore, to make your hunting easier, you need to understand the shotgun’s pattern. Once you know the pattern, you can easily handle it. And, all in all, you will be satisfied. Read the entire article carefully to understand why do hunters pattern their shotguns.

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Shotgun Patterning: How to Test the Shotgun Patterns

To do this, you don’t need chronographs, centimeter-accurate distances, or other expensive equipment. They would increase your accuracy, but most of the time, you won’t need it.

The only things you need are your gun and the choke to match the cartridge you intend to use on the hunt.

Shotgun Patterning: Choke

Let’s start with the chokes. For the inexperienced, the choke is the narrowing in the end area of ​​the barrel and muzzle. And in almost all modern shotguns, these are screw-in and interchangeable.

The choke directly affects the degree of dispersion of the shot. In fact, it determines the size of the shot pattern.

If you have a dated or very “refined” shotgun, trying the shotgun’s shot patterns will be particularly difficult. Your shotgun with only one fixed choke will be much less versatile in this case.

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You cannot adjust the choke according to your needs, as it is fixed. But you will have to find a compromise by choosing between the various cartridges. You must know the reason why do hunters pattern their shotguns, to know chokes of you shotgun well.

Shotgun Patterns by Distance

At what target and distance do you intend to shoot? At this point, we simply need a target and an area behind it where the pellets cannot do any damage.

The shot pattern on the target will show exactly how many of the shots hit the mark at a certain distance.

This is the only way to know precisely if the choke and cartridge are the most suitable for the purpose. The density of the shot pattern is the key to all successes in shotgun shooting.


In conclusion, learning to pattern your rifle will allow you to prepare yourself well before going out hunting. And the shot will only be the final moment of your preparation. You will no longer have to wonder what went wrong. But you can easily say that you too sometimes miss your aim!

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So take your time and learn how to check the shot patterns on your shotgun. Your pride, both on the platform and on the hunt, will thank you. Hopefully, now you understand why do hunters pattern their shotguns.

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