When to Start Buying Baby Stuff [New Parents’ Guide]

When to Start Buying Baby Stuff [New Parent's Guide]
When to Start Buying Baby Stuff-[New Parent's Guide]

As would-be or new parents, you might be excited to know when to start buying baby stuff. Moreover, it is a different kind of feeling that everybody cannot understand until they are going to be parents or already are parents. But of course, before starting shopping for your baby, you need to be sure that the new guest is coming to this world.

Therefore, to know that you just need to wait the first 3 months very patiently. The reason behind this strategy is about 10% to 20% of the pregnancy end up through miscarriage in this period. And, of course, you will not want to invite such an accident in your life while going shopping.

Have some time to be with us and to know more about everything related to the baby.

When to Start Buying Baby Stuff?

Buying baby items is very much exciting and fun, especially for new parents. If a new member is also knocking at your door, you obviously know that feeling. Moreover, from the day you have known it, you indeed want to go shopping to buy all kinds of the best stuff for your baby.

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But, the right time differs according to the things you are going to buy. And the main reason for this is the gender of the baby. Once you have completed the first trimester (0 to 13 weeks), you can start buying some of the baby stuff like Moses’s basket and cupboard.

From the second trimester (14 to 26 weeks), purchase a baby swing chair and napkins. And from the last trimester (27 to 40 weeks), buy baby clothes, shoes, blankets, and other essential things.

Is it Bad Luck to Buy Baby Stuff Early?

Sorry to say, but yes, it might be bad luck to buy baby stuff early. Suppose you have bought all the things related to a baby girl on your pregnancy days. But you found that you have given birth to a baby boy.

Moreover, a boy cannot wear the dresses and shoes of a girl. So, ultimately those expensive kinds of stuff will come of no use, and you need to rebuy most of the things.

Another reason is most miscarriages happen within the first 3 months of pregnancy. Although we do not want anything like this to happen to you, it would be better if you start shopping after doing the test that determines the gender of your baby, which is when you are in your 2nd trimester.

What are the First Things to Buy When Expecting a Baby?

Once you know that you will be a mom, you start thinking of pampering your baby. And for this, you, of course, have to prepare a list of things that are to be included in the child’s room. This process is exactly like the one when you are thinking of changing your residence.

Therefore, there are many things to be included in the list of things to buy when pregnant. For example,

  • Moses basket
  • Cupboard
  • Gender-neutral baby clothes
  • Blankets
  • Baby swing chair
  • Baby bathtub
  • Baby carriage
  • Car seat
  • Pack n play mattress
  • Napkins and diapers
  • Muslins
  • Moisturizer, lotion, baby bubble bath

However, at the baby shower, you might get many of them as a gift from your relatives and friends. So, try not be over buy the clothes and blankets.

When is the Best Time to Start Buying Baby Clothes?

There is a perfect time for everything, so do for buying clothes for your baby. Moreover, you need to know whether you will have a boy or girl before purchasing the clothes. And the perfect time for learning is the 5th month of your pregnancy.

According to the suggestion of your doctor, do the test from a renowned hospital. Once you get the report, visit your doctor, and he/she will confirm the gender of your baby to you. However, you can also buy some Gender neutral baby clothes that both the boys and girls can wear.

Furthermore, if you are going to have a baby in the winter season, buy some warm pram suit early because you may end up finding no good quality one or according to your choice.

Twins Shopping List

When you know that you will have twins, the shopping list will be somewhat different. This is because you need to buy stuff for multiples. Moreover, you also have to increase your budget.

Therefore, there are many things that you were supposed to buy one in number, but now you will have to buy two. These may include:

  • dresses whether of the same or different color
  • 2 Moses basket
  • 2 baby carriage
  • 2 baby swing chair
  • 2 blankets
  • 2 pack n play mattress
  • Napkins in a large number

However, it is not different from usual or from shopping for a single baby. You can also add or subtract some stuff as you like.

What are the Things to Look on While Purchasing Baby Stuff?

As parents, you need to be very careful and choosy while purchasing stuff for your newborn baby. This is because babies are sensitive and have low immune systems. So, they can quickly get allergic to any products that do not suit them.

If you do not have experience buying things for a baby, you can seek help from your mother or friends who are already parents. You can simply ask them for any kind of suggestions, and hopefully, they would not mind. However, to help you out in this regard, we are going to drop some tips below.

  • Before going to the physical market, it is better to check on the online market.
  • Check the pages’ reviews and see from how many years or months they are in this business.
  • Try to find out the authenticity of the products and whether they are of import or export quality.
  • Make an exact query about the expiry date of the baby’s essential things like shampoo, lotion, antiseptics, and all that.
  • In case of buying clothes and blankets, ask about the material and up to how many years they can be used.

These are all the necessary things that should be asked while purchasing baby stuff. And if you are tensed about the place, like whether online market or physical market would be better, you can check both according to your budget. But it better not to compromise quality over price.

The Bottom Line

Everyone is fond of babies as their presence brings new light of hope and happiness to a house. Moreover, you need to make some preparation before their welcoming ceremony. All the family members and friends, along with the new parents, start the preparation for buying clothes, baby essential things, and others.

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However, from the above information, you have already known when to start buying baby stuff. Now you can easily make the perfect decision whether what to buy when. But remember you do not need to overbuy clothes as your baby cannot wear them even after a couple of months when you grow up.