What is Rust Staging Branch [Expert Guide]

What is Rust Staging Branch [Expert Guide]
What is Rust Staging Branch [Expert Guide]

What is RUST staging branch? Well, RUST is a popular game and many gamers are playing it since it’s beginning. Gamers are having different issues with staging the branches which is needed to play the game.

Rust is one of those games that if you have played, then you definitely know it is a griefer’s paradise. The feeling of getting looted while you’re asleep in a meeting, getting killed right after opening a door is anything but fun. You can play the game for free. But you will get two versions of it for the price of one – the game itself and the Rust staging branch server.

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I’ve seen a lot of people ask about the Rust staging branch in Discord. In this article, I will try to simplify for you what is Rust staging branch and everything you need to know about it.

Let’s begin…

What is RUST Staging Branch?

Rust staging branch is a sandbox used by the developers to test out new and creative elements of the game before it gets merged with the main game. The idea is to test an update for load balance, better visual components, enhances user experience, and bug fixes before it goes live.

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What Should You Know About the Rust Staging Branch?

Rust servers come in the given formats for all players that purchased the game –

  • Standard Server
  • Staging Server
  • Intoxicated Sandbox Server / Creative Server

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Standard Server

The standard server has the most player rush. Also, it is where the final updates are added after many iterations of modifications and bug fixes. However, the final update does not necessarily mean that it is a permanent one.

In fact, in some cases, the updates on the main server need some reworking to make minor adjustments for a better in-game experience. The standard server is packed with players that are ready for shooting, looting, killing, and, most importantly, winning.

Staging Server

I understand that new rust players have confusion regarding rust staging server vs. Rust. Rust staging server or otherwise called the rust build server, is mainly a test server for the developers, i.e., a developers’ sandbox for testing and implementing new ideas.

Often times, the developers put in the update in the rust build server before incorporating it with the standard server.

This needs to be done to ensure that the beta update is stable. Besides, the players get time to interact with the new update and give feedback if they spot some bugs that need to be adjusted. The final update is usually more complete than the sandbox version.

Not only that, but the new updates come in large patches while adjusting the existing elements of the game along the way. This is done because Facepunch developers have to test whether the server is able to balance the load after the updates.

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And in the meantime, get valuable feedback and interaction reports from the gamers while giving them early access to the updates.

The staging server is free and comes as an add-on with the main game. But, no need to be worried thinking if you have paid extra money for the separate game because, clearly, you have not.

Intoxicated Sandbox Server

The intoxicated sandbox server or the rust creative server is a public server. This is where you get to play with base builds, admin power, and creating the surroundings based on your preferences. Search for this server in the ‘modded’ tab from the main menu.

You can also join by typing the following code in the game console to access the server directly.


This server is an ideal place for working on your building expertise. To keep tabs, the developers modded the server so that you don’t need any resources or rust library blueprints.

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How to Enter the Rust Staging Branch?

Go to your Steam library and find Rust. You can also choose to find the Rust staging branch server by simply typing ‘staging’ if you don’t want to go into the hassle of finding it.

The rust staging branch is different from the main game in terms of visual changes in the surrounding elements and some user experience changes.

Since it has many elements that the developers are testing before they add it to the main game, you have to download a new copy via Steam.

Once you have downloaded and installed the client version like any other games on Steam омгомг, just head over and launch the game to test it.

Keep in mind that the rust staging server cannot connect you live with the other users just like in a standard server. You have to host your own staging branch server. So, most likely, you will be playing and testing the game alone on this server.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question-01: Do I Need to Download the RUST Staging Branch?

Answer: Yes, you need to download the client version of the Rust staging branch from Steam if you want to give it a go. Normally, you can just go to Steam and type ‘staging’ in the search bar to get the Rust staging branch from the search results.

Players in the staging server are much lower than the standard server. Also, you cannot connect online with other players in a staging server, unlike in a standard server.

So, it is a good experience as long as you are interested in trying out new updates before they are merged into the main game.

Question-02: Can I Uninstall the RUST Staging Branch?

Answer: Of course, you can uninstall the Rust staging branch if you have no use for it. The Rust staging branch is a different version of the game. So, you should need to download a fresh copy of the game through Steam.

Head over to your Steam library and locate the Rust staging branch or simply type ‘staging’ into the search bar and it will show right up.

Question-03: What is RUST Staging Branch?

Answer: Rust staging branch is an add-on that you get from purchasing the game. This add-on is like a pre-trial for developers to implement and try out before merging the update into the game. It’s like a sandbox for developers to experiment with new updates and for the users to try out.

However, don’t be confused thinking that the staging branch is a separate part of the game because clearly, it is not. Besides, changes in the staging branch do not affect the gameplay of the main game. So, you can say it’s just a fun experience for the players.

Question-04: What RUST Server Should I Join?

Answer: As a beginner, you should choose a low population server to get a good grip on the game basics and then slowly work your way up to the populous servers. There are three main criteria for choosing a rust server as a beginner.

Firstly, the type of server (Community, Non-community, and Modded). If you want to play strictly by the rules, this place is for you.

Secondly, population! The population is a very important factor as a beginner rust player. Ideally, you would want to choose a server with having 15-20 population for an interesting match. If you join in a room with more than 50 members, the chances are likely that you will die more times than loot other players.

Thirdly, the community. Community is key here. Find the community that resonates with your playing styles, participate in events, and more. So, take your time to find the right community.

Finishing Words

We are at the end of our discussion on what is rust staging branch. It is essential for you to know that if you cannot connect to a server, every time a newer code will create push through the server and it will take place to complete the operation. You need to close the the RUST client for letting the steam to update the code.

Another way, you can do it without closing, but you must update and reset the entire server for correctly running the new code. Regardless to say that, you can only connect to server, if the steam client have matched copies of the right staging branch.

We hope that now you have enough knowledge about what is RUST staging branch. if you still have any confusion, go through the article again, you will have everything you need to understand about it.

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