How to Fill Out a Stock Certificate: Step by Step Guide

How to Fill Out a Stock Certificate: Step by Step Guide
How to Fill Out a Stock Certificate: Step by Step Guide

How to fill out a stock certificate? Is there any easy instruction for filling up the stock certificate? If you are stuck at filling a stock certificate, in reality, you may not have a clear idea of the whole term. Being one of the most important documents of running a company, you need to understand it solely.

A stock certificate is one of the documents and the basic foundation of any officially incorporated company. It is one of the first documents filed with a local government agency to formally and officially incorporate the company.

Are you interested in knowing how to fill out a stock certificate? Who can request it, and what are the steps to obtain it? Follow us to find out.

What is a Stock Certificate | What are Corporate Stock Certificates?

A Stock Certificate or shareholder certificate is a legal document that indicates the ownership of certain shares of a limited company’s capital. It is a Document used for the construction of Companies that certify a form of ownership of shares of a Corporation.

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It is necessary to bear in mind that this minimum share and representative are divided into various types of established companies.

The share is also part of the aliquot of the capital stock. It personifies the property that the person can count on from one of the parts of that company.

When a new company or corporation is incorporated, shares are generally issued, and share certificates are distributed to shareholders.

The share certificate usually lists:

  • The number of shares,
  • The category of shares,
  • The legal name of the company or company, as well as

The name of the shareholder to whom the shares are issued.

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How to Fill Out a Stock Certificate?

You can fill a stock certificate in 2 ways.

  • Offline
  • Online

Offline/Paper Stock Certificate

You can find this form in your papers from the company. Or simply search online and download the desired form.

In the form, you will need to fill the following sections:

  1. Name of the shareholder, if it is nominative
  2. Identification of the company: Name and Registered office of the company
  3. Date of registration, in the Public Registry of Commerce
  4. Number of shares that the title represents, if applicable
  5. Place and date of its issue, as well as a correlative number
  6. The seal which has the company logo
  7. The ID number:
  • Of the certificate
  • Of the share

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The LLC membership certificate is almost the same as the stock certificate. There might be a little changed in the steps, but the basic process is the same.

Now, if you are wondering what LLC is, find out below.

What is LLC Membership Certificate?

LLC membership certificate is the same certification, but for LLC or limited liability company.

LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a type of Business Company that offers your personal assets’ protection. Make sure the invested amount in a business is lesser than your liability for your business obligations and debts. This provides protection for your home, cars.

Additionally, provides security for your personal assets so that you do not have to use them to pay off the debts you took for your business.

If you do not have protection for limited liability, your home could be taken away from you as collateral to pay off your business debt in case of bankruptcy. This is one of the most significant benefits of forming a business entity.

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The main difference between a Stock certificate and an LLC membership certificate is that it makes the certificate holder a member of the LLC. It makes you the owner of a percentage of membership.

How to Obtain a Stock Certificate Form?

The Stock Certificate is something that the company can do with effects to deliver to clients or the corresponding entities.

For this, you will need to adopt a model of the Share Certificate. On this, you will write down the state of incorporation and the name of the company. You have to complete the sections corresponding to the:

  • Name of the individual from whom the certificate is issued
  • Number and class of shares that are issued

You can write by hand or type the date on which the titles are being formulated. Then ask two directors of the company to proceed to sign the certificate. The secretary and the President usually sign it. But anyone who is part of the board of directors and is authorized can do it.

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It is advisable to get a good image when printing the certificates. Ensure a clear visual of the security seals in watermarks and a good appearance and be more elegant.

This must be kept in mind to have an image of security and reliability for your future clients.

They also have to prepare them and with a subsequent Endorsement. The appropriate table conformed to the matter, and a particular stamp of the law firm will always have a good presence with the clients.

What is the Endorsement of Shares?

The endorsement is a commercial exchange act. It is perfected with the delivery of the title in an unconditional and integral way. Also, it is intended to transmit ownership.

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What are the Requirements to Obtain a Stock Certificate?

The requirements that one must fulfill to obtain a stock certificate are the following.

  1. The name, nationality, and address of the shareholder
  2. The name, address, and duration of the company
  3. The date of the incorporation of the company and the data of its registration in the Public Registry of Commerce
  4. The amount of the capital stock, the total number and nominal value of the shares
  5. The exhibitions that the shareholder has paid on the value of the share, or the indication to be released;
  6. The series and number of the share or provisional certificate, indicating the total number of shares corresponding to the series;

The signature of the administrators who, according to the social contract, must sign the document

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How do I Lookup a Stock Certificate Number?


Stock certificates are usually found inside the company register.

When issuing shares, both parts of the share certificate are completed. The certificate part is given to the shareholder, and the other part (stub) is usually kept in the register.

So, when you need to find the number of the certificate of stock, contact the company. They will help you find the number from the register.

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How to Find Out If a Stock Certificate is Still Valid?

You can check a valid stock by checking the following factors:

  • It has the name of the shareholder
  • It has untamed or unscratched signs, signatures, and all initials
  • It doesn’t look like it has been tweaked
  • There should be no mark, no seal, no tear or hole
  • It looks fresh
  • The back part has no writing

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Final Verdict

To finish, we will tell you certain tips. You must confirm that they always give you the certificate of the procedure you have requested.

In the event that a wrong one is delivered, you have the right to demand the change. It is recommended that you classify and file all the purchase and sale certificates that have been made. It is always useful to have them.

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Certificates cannot be used all the time physically, but you may  need them for a certain time. For example, to make the tax return. We hope, now you know exactly how to fill out a stock certificate. If you still have any difficulties, please read the entire article again carefully, you will understand the right way.

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