How to Get Honey in Minecraft [Proven Method]

How to Get Honey in Minecraft [Proven Method]

If you are a fan of Minecraft, a famous sandbox title developed by Mojang, you are probably aware of all the new developments. For example, do you know you can now collect honey in Minecraft? I guess you knew but didn’t quite understand how to use the elements inserted in-game. You then did online research and finally came here on my blog.

Well, then it’s your happy day. You are in the right place! In this article today, we will discuss how to get honey in Minecraft. We will also discuss how to build an apiary, as well as some other updates.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on and take a few minutes for yourself to follow the quick directions below. But before diving into the main topic, let’s check what this buzz is all about.

What are Bees in Minecraft and How were They Developed?

Bees were introduced with Minecraft’s Snapshot 19W34A (a test version before they’re included in an actual update). It was released in 2019 via Java Edition version 1.15 Minecraft for PC. This update added the bees, beehive, and Honeycomb Block items. These are super cute new mobs that are harmless day and night, as long as you don’t attack them.

If you attack them (even by mistake!), they sting you and die when their sting is unhooked, like natural bees. On your side, you are poisoned.

If you want to recover their honey, you have to use a unique tool (Silk Touch Tool). Otherwise, you will destroy their nest, and it may turn out badly. Bees move around to collect pollen or roam when they don’t have a nest until they find a new one. They have an interesting communication system that shows other bees where the flowers are.

There are natural honeycombs found in plains, sunflower plains, or flowering forests. You can also build beehives yourselves, knowing that they are compatible with Redstone. Bees have a “chill mode” that can be activated by placing a campfire under their nest. The smoke calms them.

If one of them returns to the hive without being disturbed during its journey, the level of honey increases. And we are told that level 5 is “quite sticky.” It makes you want to discover all the combinations!

Where to Find Bees in Minecraft?

You can easily find Minecraft honey from a beehive on the map. However, you always have the option of making your own apiary or beehive. You can make the beehives from scratch or using your honeycomb. For this, you need to join axes (6 units) to honeycomb (3 units). You can collect honeycomb from beehives with a scissor.

Honey is essential in this world as it will allow you to collect units of hunger. One cruet of honey can be used to collect three hunger units. Hunger units mean that you will have a meal to keep your character healthy. It will give your character strength and keep him out of danger.

A special tip:

Not only for beehives but also for any item, you can use the search option called MineSearch. This option allows you to search any item within Minecraft’s virtual world. You will also get to know what ingredients you need to make that particular item. You can use this tool in simple 3 steps:

  • Connect to the main official site;
  • Write on the search bar on the top-right position;
  • Search and select the desired result.

How to Get Honey from a Beehive in Minecraft: Most Useful Methods

The most beneficial and easiest way to find bees in Minecraft is to follow a bee. It can be quite a time-consuming task but the most convenient way. The reason is, bees usually carry pollens to the hives to make honey. You will see bees around places where there are woods or old buildings.

After finding a beehive, the first thing you need to do is to find a breaking point or crack. After that, the colors of the beehive will tell you whether to get honey or not.

If the hive is brown, it means it doesn’t have honey. Therefore, you cannot collect honey yet. In this case, wait for the bees to get more pollen to the beehive. Then you will be ready to harvest honey Minecraft.

If the hive is yellow, that means it is full of honey, and you can collect it now. Usually, a bee needs to get pollen and enter the hive five times to fill it. Right-click on the hive to fill the honey cruet.

How to Find the Queen Bee in the Minecraft?

Another way to get honey from bees in Minecraft is finding the queen bee. To get a queen bee, the most proper place would be abandoned places in the Meadows biome. But, don’t worry; the access is effortless. It is the first few places that you will have access to.

Wild beehives can create problems in case of a sudden encounter. The bees can injure the player and decrease stamina. So, be extra careful when finding the queen bee. While discovering and destroying hives, make sure the character is safe. Use a weapon that will create less chaos. For example, use a bow. After destroying the hives, find out the queen bee carefully.

Now, why go through all the trouble to find the queen bee? Because she is an essential element in Minecraft. You can use her as a significant crafting element. Not only that, if in the future you create your own beehive, you will need a queen bee. And we all know, beehives are the best way to get honeycomb in Minecraft.

What Can You Do with Honey in Minecraft?

The best way to get a honeycomb is to get a beehive in Minecraft. Or should we say, make your own hive. But have you ever wondered why honey is so important?

It gives you hunger units, as we said. That is the most critical use of honey. At the same time, it is affordable, practical, and easy to get. You can get it with few tricks.

Honey is used in different recipes for both building and cooking. Then again, you use the honey block for decoration, sliding, and many more purposes. It can also save you from poisoning.

Again, you can make a farm to make more bees and, therefore, honey. It is just like a real beekeeping hobby!

How to Make Make a Beehive or an Apiary in Minecraft?

Like we said in the previous paragraph, the best way to get honey is to make a beehive in Minecraft. So here’s how to do that:

First, we need resources and materials to build this facility. Wood is the main component, and you will need that a lot. Use these woods to create wood boards and pressure plates. To make a hollow box, you will need a total of eight pieces of wood and a bucket of oil.

Take all the ingredients and material on a workbench. You will make a beehive in no time.

It takes some time to make honey in the hives. So, one hive may not be enough. So we will recommend you to make more hives if possible. Once all the hives are set, you can collect honey anytime you need.

How to Keep Bees Away from You?

Now that you know how to make a beehive, it is important to be aware of them. As you know, they can be dangerous in time. So, we recommend adding a campfire under the hives. Campfires tend to keep the bees inside the hive. Make sure you make a campfire after all the bees have collected pollen. Otherwise, you will not be able to get honey from the hive.

To make a campfire, you will need three sticks, one charcoal, three units of wood.

Bottom Line

As a passionate player, exploring every aspect of Minecraft is very enjoyable. So is collecting honey, raising bees, or making apiary. But how to get honey in Minecraft? We tried our best to put out everything that is needed to get bees in Minecraft. Hopefully, it will help you. If you have more confusion, you can check the official website for more information.