How to Get Verified on Snapchat: The Definite Guide

How to Get Verified on Snapchat: The Definite Guide

Snapchat turned social media on its head when it first came out in 2011. The interface is so simple, yet it captures moments and memories making it one of the most popular platforms.

While Snapchat is not new, it has been around for quite some time. Its popularity is only growing. It seems like everyone, from your little sister to the old lady at the grocery store, has a Snapchat account. And if you’ve never been able to get verified on Snapchat, this post will show you how to get verified on Snapchat.

What is Snapchat Verification?

Snapchat verification is how you turn your account from a regular Snapchat user to a verified account with an assigned Snapchat blue checkmark. It is also known as “Snapchat badges” or “Snapchat official badges.” And it’s not just a fancy new feature. It has some real benefits.

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Why Do Verified Snapchat Accounts Matter?

Most people want to get verified on Snapchat, but why? The reason is that it works like a symbolic icon that if any profile is verified and has a green tick, it’s an official account. People tend to follow them and share their content on their own profiles. However, we have mentioned some reasons why do verified Snapchat accounts matter.

Verification is a Way to Stand Out from the Crowd

If your account has a blue checkmark, you’re guaranteed more followers and new friends on Snapchat. Verified Snapchat accounts may also be necessary for brands using the platform to promote their products. If your account gets verified, you’re more likely to reach a bigger audience because it’s easier for people to find you on the app.

Verified Snapchat Accounts Get Special Treatment from the App Itself

Verified accounts get access to special filters and features that are not available for the average Snapchat user. These include advanced video editing, which enhances the quality of your video. You can use these filters in stories and on individual snaps.

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Verified Accounts Can Also Make Use of the Fun Music Stickers & Snapchat Official Stories

Music stickers allow users to add a song to their snap or story. If you want your followers to know what songs you’re listening to, the music sticker is perfect for that.

Snapchat official stories are like Instagram stories but with Snapchat-exclusive features. It means that only verified accounts can publish exclusive stories, which gives unique filters or stickers that other users cannot see.

How to Get Verified on Snapchat [Verification Process]

The process how to get verified on Snapchat is relatively simple. You have to go through a few steps to apply, but the app itself makes it pretty easy. The verification process is:

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  1. Enter your selected username into the app.
  2. Tap on your Bitmoji avatar located at the top right corner of the screen
  3. Next, tap on “Settings” to access additional settings related to privacy and other information.
  4. Scroll down until you find “Support” under Settings. Then select “I need help” from that list for further help regarding an issue such as my Snapchat not working properly.
  5. Now, tap “Need Help With Something Else?” and select Yes when requested at the bottom of the display.
  6. Now, tap the option that says “My Issue Is Not Listed” under My Problem Isn’t Solved Above.
  7. Fill out all information. Then hit “Submit Request” after completing everything accurately.

Bonus Tips

Snapchat users can upload a form of identification to verify who their account states they are. It helps Snapchat know it is communicating with a real user.

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What’re the Criteria to Get Verified on Snapchat?

Several factors go into the verification process. Generally, these are factors like

  • You have to use the social media platform correctly. You will need to make sure that you are interacting with other people.
  • Having a large following or a base of influential fans is also a factor to get verified. If your account has 50,000 followers or 50,000+ views on a story, Snapchat may be more willing to verify your account.

5 Top Tips Will Give You Easy Verification on Snapchat

These 5 top tips are all you need to get Snapchat verified.

Make Good and Original Content

Snapchat only verifies users who post high-quality, original content so that their followers want to engage with and share with their friends.

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Have a Username That’s Easy to Remember and Brandable.

Your username is the essential part, and it should be easy for people to remember. You want a username that represents you or your brand well. Better to have something memorable and unique.

Be Active and Consistent

Snapchat verifies accounts that are on more or less a daily basis, not accounts that only snap once every few weeks. It’s recommended to snap at least three times a day.

Interaction with Followers

Interaction with your followers is significant. Snapchat verifies accounts that have a large and engaged audience. So an excellent way to get verified is to build a community by replying to snap stories and snapping back.

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Promote Snapchat Account to Other Social Media Platforms

Once you have many followers on Snapchat, it will be easier to promote your account on other social media platforms. These platforms can help build a bigger audience.

Why are Some Accounts Verified While Others are Not?

Snapchat has a way to verify accounts. It is not always successful. But you can try if you want. As of May 2017, the app does not provide any information on whether or not an account gets verification before they request it. It means that some requests may end up in denial even if the account satisfies the basic requirements.

Snapchat has not given out much information on its verification process. It means that most of the criteria are unclear.

How to Get More Views on Snapchat Stories?

Snaps are typically limited to 10 seconds, which is pretty short. It means that you need to make sure your message gets across very quickly. It also means that you have to draw attention to your snap, so people don’t skip right over it. Follow these tips:

Be Creative and Think of Ways to Capture Attention

Since there are only 10 seconds, you have to make them count. Consider using creative ways of capturing attention by making your snaps interactive. It means adding links or geotags so users can take an extra step and visit additional content. Use creative stickers or attention-grabbing emojis if you do not want to go the link/geo route.

The Best Time to Post is During Peak Hours

Check out Snapchat’s suggested times for posting your snaps based on your local time zone. Select “My Story” from the main screen to get this information. From there, press and hold on to any one of your snaps in your story and select “Info.” The day and time of the snap you selected will be displayed under “posted at.”

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Collaborate with Influencers by Cross-promotion

Consider collaborating with influencers or other Snapchat users with a large following if you give them the incentive to share your snaps with their followers. Then there’s a chance that people who respond will want to check out your content.

What’s the Main Difference Between Snapchat and Other Social Media Platforms?

One key differentiator between Snapchat and other social media platforms is that.

  • Snap messages “disappear” after a specific time, even though this may be a turn-off for some. But there are many benefits.
  • There’s also the fact that Snapchat heavily filters what you’ll be seeing in your feed. If an account doesn’t have high engagement, it won’t show up in your feed.
  • Snapchat also doesn’t allow links to post in any posts, which is different from other social media platforms that allow links. Instead, Snapchat has enforced filters custom location stickers that people can add to their snaps.

FAQ: How to Get Verified on Snapchat

What is a star on Snapchat?

Star Snapchat meaning: 1. It stands for a favorite contact. 2. Star appearance when your friend views the snap several times

Why is Snapchat called a disappearing media platform?

A snap is only viewable by the recipient for a limited amount of time. As soon as it's viewed, the message disappears from the recipients' phones.

What is the yellow star emoji Snapchat?

When you view a friend's Snapchat story several times in one day, their name and face will turn yellow. And they will receive a yellow star on their profile photo.


So, how do you get verified on Snapchat? The process is quite simple and might even be done in a couple of minutes. Visit the Snapchat website or mobile app on Android or iOS and follow the instructions.

Login with your account credentials, and then apply for verification. Keep in mind that this will only work if you’ve added information! Once approved, content from verified users will now have a blue checkmark next to their username.

So followers know it’s safe to follow them without risking spam or other unwanted messages. So, we hope now you know exactly how to get verified on Snapchat.