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How to Clear the Cache on Your PS4 [Simple Steps]

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Clearing the cache on your PlayStation 4 is a fast and simple technique to help improve its speed. It would be a good solution if, for any situation, the cached data is slowing down your system or has gotten damaged. This might affect games to freeze briefly, as well as loading and connection difficulties. When a PlayStation 4 behaves strangely, takes a long time to reply, or does not function as it should, deleting the system cache may help fix the trick. Let’s know, How to Clear the Cache on Your PS4, which is one of the simplest remedies for PS4 performance issues that you may implement.

What is PS4 cache?

Caches on the PlayStation 4 are temporary files and data saved to help enhance a game’s overall performance. The cache may be found in-game consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation, just like PCs.

Why do you need to delete your PS4 cache?

These temporary data and files routinely saved on the console might get damaged over time, resulting in slowness, game freezing, and other problems. As a result, clearing the PS4 cache is suggested to avoid these issues and keep the console running smoothly. Keep in mind that this method has no effect on your stored data or the current status of your games on the system.

The more you play, the more it will get stuck. After that, it can be a big issue. Clearing cache may cause certain specific aspects to load a little longer the first time, but the general speed of your PS4 should improve noticeably.

How to clear your cache on PS4

Your PS4 keeps temporary data and files in a specific part of memory called the cache memory, much like your smartphone and PC.

As you are using the PS4 more and more and play multiple games, the information in the cache memory grows. Ultimately, the data may become damaged or so large that it begins to impact your system severely.

Easy steps on how to clear PS4 Cache, The method for clearing PS4 cache is quick and simple to implement. See the instructions below for a step-by-step guide.

  • On your controller, press and hold the PlayStation button.
  • Select Turn Off PS4. For the procedure to function, the console must be turned off and not in Rest Mode.
  • Switch on the PS4. The PS4 cache will now reset, so you can attempt launching a game to see whether the console is now functioning properly.
  • After the power light in front of the console stops flashing, unplug the power line located at the rear of the PS4. To clear the cache, one must remove the power cable from the console itself, not merely the wall outlet.
  • Reconnect the power cord to the console after at least 30 seconds.

Your system has deleted all cache files and will now build new cache files. You will notice that your console is functioning smoothly, and the system will have no problem opening your programs and games. If emptying the cache on your PS4 does not resolve your issue and the system continues to operate slowly, please inform us in the comments below.

When do you need to clear the cache on your PS4?

As previously said, cleaning the cache on your PlayStation 4 is necessary regularly to prevent data and files from getting damaged. Here are some indicators of when it is appropriate to delete the cache on your PS4 to help you decide.

  • When you have connectivity difficulties on your consoles, such as a sluggish or inconsistent connection.
  • When a game crashes, it has latency, freezes, or has other problems.
  • When a game takes longer than usual time to load.
  • Whenever the PS4 system is sluggish.

How to Clear PS4 Cache for a Specific Game

In this approach, we can clear memory cache ps4 data without losing or destroying saved games or game progress. We’re only here to clean the cache. Set your PS4 off altogether. Turning off implies only turning off. Not in sleep mode! Hold down the PS button on your controller until the power options appear on the screen. Choose ‘Turn Off PS4 ‘.

Unplug the power cable and wait for roughly a minute. Then reconnect the power cord and turn the console back on. Load the game in question, then press and hold L1 + R1 as it loads. It will start the game without the cache data for that game.


Before we wrap off this post, have a look at these ps4 errors you should avoid at all costs. You have it now. Two easy methods to clearing cache on the PS4 may be causing it to run slowly. You should repeat these two processes regularly. Removing any saved memory helps to maintain the speed of your PS4.

If you are still experiencing serious software issues, it is suggested that you factory reset your PS4. This will completely erase all of the data on your hard disk. You must ensure that you generate a backup of your local data.

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