How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft?

how to change tick speed in minecraft

Almost every game comes with a set system loop. Minecraft is no different. The popular sandbox video game has a set tick speed. Gamers often intend to change the speed for a better gaming experience.

Minecraft lets you build and mine structures of your imagination. You can create different crafty things. The game tick speed in Minecraft controls how fast the building process will work. So, changing the tick speed will increase the gaming speed and experience.

So, how to change tick speed in Minecraft? The best way to do that is by changing the game rule command of Minecraft. Here we will go through the step-by-step approach to the complete procedure.

What Does Game Tick in Minecraft Mean?

The game tick in Minecraft is an important part of the game. It indicates the time the game takes to complete a full cycle. This cycle is part of the game loop.

The tick speed in Minecraft is an important indicator. It ensures the advancements and upgrades of the game. The normal tick speed in Minecraft is 20 ticks per second (TPS). It means that 1 tick occurs every 0.05 seconds.

Many things happen due to the Minecraft default tick speed. It shows that the game advanced a little from each tick. For example, major objects can change their places, updates can occur, and the player’s circumstances can change. All these happen inside the server of the game. And they handle the game’s logic.

As a result, changing the default random tick speed can largely affect the game. There are benefits and disadvantages of changing the tick speed. But the process is very simple.

4 Types of Tick Speed in Minecraft

The set tick speed in Minecraft can determine your gaming experience. You can play Minecraft on your computer, Xbox, or PS4. And different set will have different Minecraft set tick speed. Here are 4 types of tick speed you will come across in Minecraft.

Chunk tick

A chunk tick means a bundle of specific changes in each game tick. For example, Java editions have specific chunk tick. On a single game tick, three things happen on each tick simultaneously. The tick affects the load level of 30 or below. Then, it affects the horizontal distance. And finally, it ticks a player with less than 128 blocks.

The Bedrock edition can also affect the game in chunk ticks. A game tick can change the rain and thunderstorm effects. And there can be many other changes as well.

Random tick

Every chunk has sub chunks. There can be a total of 16 sub-chunks under 1 chunk. The gamerule tick speed specifies the number of blocks to be chosen in each sub-chunk. And each block is then given a random tick speed command. The blocks can ignore the tick. But there can also be some random changes in the game.

Redstone tick

The Redstone tick means two-game ticks at a time. These ticks create a delay of 0.1 seconds in the Redstone circuit signal. But you may not experience this in the Java edition of the game. The community has created this to make more sense out of the game tick delays.

Scheduled tick

The blocks can request ticks for the future. As a result, the game schedules ticks in the request of the blocks. These ticks affect the game predictably. For example, water in the game can request a schedule tick to change its course.

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft: 5 Simple Steps

Why do we need to speed upticks in Minecraft? You should do this to enhance the gaming experience of playing Minecraft. When you command Minecraft to increase tick speed, everything will grow faster. As a result, you will have a much smoother gaming experience.

Thus, you will not need to wait for days for gardens to grow trees. And other things will change at exceptional rates. So, how do you change Minecraft tick speed? Here are 5 simple steps to the process.

Step 1

The first step to the process is very important. You must ensure that you are playing in the Creative Mode. After confirming this, you now have to go to the main Minecraft server. You can change the Minecraft set tick speed command from there.

Step 2

The Minecraft server also has a URL address. The address is So, you can go to the address and then log in to your account. Once you are logged in, you will be inside the Minecraft server. From here, you will need to navigate the whole page carefully. Then, you can move to the third step.

Step 3

On the left of your screen, you will see a few options. These are the main menu options of the Minecraft server page. The third option there should be “Servers”. You now have to click on it.

After that, you will notice a new window with a few Minecraft gaming account plans. All of them will have “MANAGE SERVER” options. Click on the first “MANAGE SERVER” button on the list.

It will take you to the Game Server page. You should now notice another blue color button saying “MANAGE”. Click on it and move to step 4.

Step 4

After clicking on “MANAGE”, you will see another new page. On the left side, you will again see some new options. Locate an option named “Console” and click on it. You will now enter a completely new window that should be black with green writings. It is the server console page.

Step 5

You will see a text box at the bottom of the page. There, you will have to type a Minecraft tickrate command. Type the command “game rule random tick speed”, and press Enter on your keyboard.

You can now check the current tick speed of the game. You should also be able to change the tick speed by typing different numbers of your liking. You can type in and increase the tick speed now.

After changing the speed, reboot the system. And your job here is now complete.


Now you know how to change tick speed in Minecraft. The process is very easy. You need to follow the 5 steps to the point. If you have any confusion, go through the FAQ section for a better understanding.


What is the normal tick speed in Minecraft?

The normal game tick speed in Minecraft is 20 ticks per second. This means that in every 0.05 seconds, one tick happens. It is the default tick speed.

What is the normal random tick speed in Minecraft?

In the Java edition, the random tick speed is 3. It is a very low speed you will find in Minecraft. The tick speed indicates how slow the game will run. If your computer operating system still lags, you can get the speed down to 1 or 2. Getting the speed to 0 means that you are completely disabling random ticks.

What is the best tick speed in Minecraft?

You can increase the tick speed in Minecraft by changing the command. A higher tick speed will make the game run smoother and faster. A good tick speed can be anything more than 60. But an extremely high speed like 999 can make the game lag frequently.

Can Minecraft change tick speed on its own?

Minecraft can change tick speed on its own. It is a gradual process. You will notice the tick speed changing as you move to higher levels.

Is it cheating if I change tick speed?

Changing tick speed is a form of cheating. It is a game cheat that you enable when you change the command.