How to Crawl in Minecraft – The Definite Guide

How to Crawl in Minecraft - The Definite Guide
How to Crawl in Minecraft - The Definite Guide

They say accidents can sometimes be a good thing as they can create something good. The good is very hard to come by, but in this case, we have hit the jackpot. Minecraft’s latest update (version 1.14) was released in late Spring of 2021, and it came with a new feature – crawling.

Normally Minecraft fans are stoked about a new update, but this update is one of a kind and also has an interesting story to it because – it actually happened in an accident. Interestingly, there is no button or special key combination that helps to activate the crawling mode. And hence the question – how to crawl in Minecraft?

How do You Get a Crawling Position in Minecraft?

Enabling the crawl feature in Minecraft requires a little setup as there is no key combination to make it work. Here’s what you need to do in order to enable crawl mode in certain situations:

  1. Closing a trapdoor on the player enables you to crawl underneath it
  2. Closing a fence gate that is of the same height as the player’s body
  3. Piston can be used to push a block into the player
  4. Exit from the swimming mode in a one-block high space
  5. Exit from the elytra mode in a one-block high space
  6. When a tree grows over the player
  7. Throwing an Ender Pearl into a space of one-block size
  8. Having a shulker box and pushing the player down which generally makes the player sneak instead of crawl. The player is able to crawl if the box is above a slab or a half-block.
  9. Getting off from a pig with a saddle on its back which is also under a one-block-high space
  10. Having a boat and land it on the player’s head

How does the Crawling Mechanism Work?

In these specific situations, the player automatically chooses the crawl mode and reverts back to the standing posture only when enough standing height is available. The basic underlying principle here is – the player is only able to crawl in situations where it is impossible to crouch. Despite the condition here, the new change allows the player to fit under a previously inaccessible 1.5 block height.

That is to say, in the crawling mode, the player to 0.625 blocks tall or roughly 5/8 parts of a block. This also means that the player can crawl over blocks that are 0.375 blocks tall or roughly 3/8 blocks tall, which is exactly the height of a daylight sensor in the game.

How to Enable a Crawling Setup in Different Situations – Useful Tips

Crawling in Minecraft PE with a Trapdoor

The least crafting material we need to make the game character start crawling under objects is a trapdoor. It takes only 6 wooden planks to create a trapdoor which makes it super easy to build.

The trapdoor needs to be placed on the bottom half of the hip-length of a single block and open it so that it is in a vertical position. Next, stand next to it and close the trapdoor, which will force you into crawling mode. Your character will keep crawling for as long as it stays under a 1-block tall gap.

Crawling with Just One Item

There are two common ways in which Minecraft gamers across all platforms (Xbox One, PS4, and PC) can enable the crawl action even if you are playing on the Bedrock 2020 version:

  1. Find a wall and build a fence gate on it. Now open it and walk into it. Next, try to close it on yourself, and you will readily find your character in a crawling position. This method is effective in crawling into a 1×1 block. Crawling in Minecraft has no separate animation, and so it exactly replicates the swimming gestures.
  2. Build a trapdoor in front of the character and place it vertically in front of you. Make your character stand so attached to the door that you feel you are within it. Now, open the trap door, and it will be at your waist, which will automatically push you down into crawl mode in the same 1×1 block where you were standing before. From here on, press W to walk.

Crawl in One-Block High Space

Both the trapdoor and fence wall methods are ideal ways to put the player in the crawl mode. Although most gamers think that it is a great addition to the game, but a hotkey for the movement would have been a great addition without making a contraption for it to work.

How to Crawl in Minecraft for Xbox One?

The crawling action works in the same way as it works in Minecraft PC, and so, trying it would be an easy experience yet challenging at first. Of course, you need the practice to get hold of the technique since it does not have a special combo button to activate the crawl move.

But here are two things you can do to crawl your way to victory in Minecraft:

  1. Put a block of water in front of your small door, which automatically puts the player into swimming mode once you dive in the water to go to the block tall house. This allows the game avatar to swim around the compound of your tall house structure in no time. It also enables you to see the crawl mode action as it replicates the swimming gestures completely but on land only.
  2. Use the Elytra Wings Texture pack which shall allow your game character to fly on one block space available. This one is a tested trick and may very well work in your case too.

How to Crawl in Minecraft PE (Bedrock Edition)?

As of 2021, Minecraft PE is currently in version 1.16, which means that crawling is an official move in the game. The crawl motion has been enabled in the game from version 1.12. We have mentioned the trap door being the most effective way to put the character in crawling motion.

Why is It Effective to Crawl in Minecraft?

Here’s how it is effective to crawl in the game:

  1. Crawling allows you to get faster from point A to point B, especially when you are passing through the mountains.
  2. You can build a secret base in hard-to-locate areas and store all your diamonds, emeralds, enchanted apples, or enchanted golden apples – either way, the purpose is all the same.

In Conclusion

Minecraft is a game that is fun because of its limited options and yet creating a challenging experience for all Minecraft lovers. So, adding new human movements like the crawl addon creates a whole new experience to explore the map differently.

One crucial bit of information you need to remember is that this feature is only exclusive to the Java Edition of the game. And so, it is uncertain as to when this feature will be enabled for the Bedrock 2020 edition of the game. But whatever happens, one little outcome from mistakes can make happy memorable events among the gamer and the developer community, which is exactly what makes Minecraft a wonderful game with such a supportive community.

Hopefully, you have found the answer to the question of how to crawl in Minecraft. So, do not waste any more time and start playing and execute crawling.