How to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Problem?

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Whether you are a high-end graphics designer or a crazy gamer, if your computer is powered by an Nvidia graphics card, you might have certainly faced the Nvidia control panel missing problem. Relatable right?

It’s not only happening in your case, but also almost all the Nvidia users are to face this issue often. And in such cases, you visit YouTube, watch some random videos to seek solutions, try to apply these and in most cases, get pissed off when the technique doesn’t work!

The fact is – Nvidia control panel doesn’t disappear from your Desktop for one particular reason. Instead, there are multiple reasons behind this happening!

Don’t worry. I’m here to hold your back! This discussion will cover all the working solutions to solve this issue. And I hope one of these should work for your case if your operating system is Windows 10.

Why Nvidia Control Panel Gets Disappeared?

Yup! This is the million-dollar question – why my Nvidia control panel is missing options?. You might have noticed, in the Windows 10 operating system, this incident happens often. Basically, there are two vital reasons for this happening.

  • Outdated Graphics Driver: Your operating system gets updated frequently. Following the wind, the graphics card manufacturers also update their drivers to allow you to enjoy some extended facilities. But if your device driver is outdated, it struggles to synch with your operating system. As a consequence, you face the issue of the Nvidia control panel missing options.
  • Multiple Windows Account: When you use multiple accounts on your Windows, then one of these will be your ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT, and the other will be the SECONDARY ACCOUNT. If you have installed your Nvidia control panel from your ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT, you will face the Nvidia control panel missing issue from the SECONDARY ACCOUNT.

Five 100% Working Tricks to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Issue!

Well! Before jumping right into the procedure, let me tell you a general instruction regarding this section-

Try the tricks following the order as it’s been represented below. That means try TRICK-1 first. If that doesn’t work, then go for TRICK-2 (not TRICK 3 or 5!). Hopefully, one of these will work for sure!

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Trick -1: Unhide NVIDIA Control Panel

Sometimes what happens – NVIDIA Control Panel is already present on your laptop or Desktop, but somehow it got disappeared for technical issues. In that case, unhiding the panel can solve the Nvidia control panel missing problem.

Follow the steps to unhide your missing Nvidia control panel.

Step 1

  • Step-1: Open the Control Panel of your computer or laptop by pressing Windows Key + R buttons together. Type “Control“ in the blank space and hit Enter or click OK.

Step 2

  • Step-2: After opening the Control Panel, click on the Category option and select Large Icon. You can choose Small Icons instead, no issues with that.
  • Step-3: Scroll down and find the Nvidia Control Panel. When you find it, double-click on that.
  • Step-4: From the top menu bar, click on Desktop. Then select Add Desktop Control Menu and Show Notification Tray Icon.

Step 5

  • Sept-5: Restart your device.

That’s it! The process will help you to fix the Nvidia control panel missing display tab issue as well. Now Right-Click on your Desktop Screen and check the option Nvidia Control Panel appears or not. If yes, congratulations! But if not, go for Trick-2!

Trick-2: Update NVIDIA Graphics Driver

If you can’t find the NVIDIA Control Panel from your Windows Control Panel and face the Nvidia control panel preferred graphics processor missing issue, then there is a high chance that your driver has got outdated.

To update your driver, there are two options.

  • Automatic Process:

You will find many “driver updating software” on the internet. Most of these are completely free. Download and install one of these and use the dedicated option for scanning and detecting the outdated drivers available on your PC. And then, you will be allowed you update your desired driver. In your case, you’ll choose the Nvidia driver to update.

  • Manual Process:

If you don’t find the Automatic Process handy, you can get your job done manually. Follow the process below –

Device Manager

  • Press Windows + X button together. A vertical menu bar will be shown. From the menu, click on the Device Manager

Display Adapter

  • Click on the Display Adapter option
  • Right-Click on the Nvidia Display Adapter and then click Update Driver
  • Now click on the Search Automatically for Drivers option
  • Hold on for a couple of minutes, and then your Nvidia control panel missing issue should entirely be solved when it gets successfully updated

Are you still stuck? Then it’s time to go for trick-3!

Trick-3: Uninstall the Old Driver and Install the New One

If still, you’re struggling to find the Nvidia control panel or struggling to face Nvidia control panel settings missing problem, it’s time to uninstall the older version of your Nvidia driver and install the newer version instead.

To perform the process, you can follow the following steps-

  • Step-1: Press the Windows + X button together. Like as usual, it will open a vertical menu bar.
  • Step-2: Click on Device Manager
  • Step-3: Scroll down and click on the Display Adapters
  • Step-4: Right-Click on the Nvidia Display Adapter and click Uninstall Device
  • Step-5: Wait for a while until the uninstalling process is done
  • Step-6: Now, download the  Updated Nvidia Display Driver depending on your processor, motherboard and other components of your device
  • Step-7: After downloading, install the software (driver) by following the traditional process
  • Step-8: When the process finishes, Restart your device
  • Step-9: Boom! You should get your Nvidia control panel by Right-Clicking on your Desktop now

Trick-4: Reboot the Nvidia Services

If any of the three tricks mentioned above don’t work on your PC, you have to go through some more complex processes now. Don’t worry, you will get the whole process in the simplest way. So, stick with me!


  • Step-1: Press the Windows + R button together. After pressing, a dialogue box will appear where you have to type services.msc


  • Step2: Click on the OK button. It will redirect you to the following interface
  • Step-3: From the list, find the Nvidia Services option. Now Right-Click on it.
  • Step-4: Now click on the Properties option. And then go to the General tab.
  • Step-5: Now you should see the following dialogue box (see the screenshot below). Find the Start Up type and select Automatic
  • Step-6: Click on Apply button and then click the OK button


  • Step-7: Restart your device

Trick-5: Install Nvidia Control Panel from Microsoft Store

If all of the processes mentioned above fail to fix your Nvidia control panel missing problem, in that case, this is the last solution for you!

Well! I’m explaining this process as well. Don’t rush to the Microsoft store to grab your package! Go through the sequential process!

So, the process is represented in the following lines.

  • Step-1: Click on the Windows Icon from your Desktop located at the bottom-left corner of your screen
  • Step-2: Now click on the gear icon that indicates the settings option
  • Step-3: Click on the Apps & Features option
  • Step-4: Search Nvidia Control Panel using the search box. If found, uninstall it.
  • Step-5: Now install the official Nvidia Control Panel from Microsoft Store and install it by following the traditional process on your device
  • Step-6: Restart your device

Ending Note

I know there are some other methods to solve the Nvidia control panel missing issue. But the 5 methods I have mentioned above are worthy enough to solve this issue in 99% of cases. But if you are in the rest of the unfortunate 1%, then try to raise this issue in the Nvidia Forum. At least you will find somebody who was on the same path and can help you out as well.