How Car Sharing Works [Steps to Share a Ride]


If you live and work within a few blocks, you will always prefer walking. But what if you need to move to a place for an emergency?

For such cases, car sharing is right what you need! Hence, worldwide, car-sharing like RideAlike is getting very popular. So if you are a beginner and don’t know how car sharing works, this article is for you.

This article discusses how car sharing works with a step-by-step guideline. Let’s get started.

What is Car Sharing?

One convenient form of transportation is car sharing. The easiest way to understand car sharing is that they are rental cars. This type of service is for people who want cars for a short time and pay-per-use process. This means you will pay for the distance and time you use a car.

RideAlike Apps available on

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App Key Features:

  1. 24/7 access to a variety of vehicle types, makes and models
    • Unique capability to swap your vehicle for a different one
    • Dashboard view of your trips and transactions
    • Easy communication between the host (car owner) and the guest (car renter)
    • Safe and secure payment options
    • Provides a one-stop solution to all your vehicle rental needs


  1. List Your Vehicle and Find Your Desired Rental Nearby:
    • It’s simple to list your vehicle on the RideAlike marketplace so that renters can easily find your car, SUV, truck or van
    • Hosts (car owners) can easily list a vehicle to earn over $750 each month
    • Hosts set their pricing, usage rules and vehicle availability
    • Guests (car renters) can quickly find a desired rental nearby
    • All users enjoy the option of Standard or optional Premium Insurance

Let’s get started!


How Car Sharing Works?

Generally, in this car-sharing model, cars are parked in specific areas. You can unlock or pick a car by registering through an app for a certain period.

To avail of rideshare, generally, you need to follow the below steps as a user.

  1. Register for your account
  2. Book your car
  3. Unlock through your smartphone
  4. Drive where you desire
  5. Park for free
  6. End your trip

1.   Register for your account

It is very easy and quick to register for your account. There are apps available for car-sharing, so you can easily register through your phone.

On the other hand, you can find forms for online registration and install the apps later. Once in a while, you require monthly fees or any commitments for registering.

However, you might need to show your driver’s license and a personal photograph to verify that it’s the same person during your registration process. Then, the next step is connecting a payment method, e.g., a credit card. Finally, once your profile is verified, you can start car sharing.

2.   Book your car

Once you activate your account, you can book your car now. Some apps allow booking a car 24/7. Get your hands on the app and choose your first ride. You can also use different filters in the app to book your car.

Most apps provide 15-20 minutes of the free-reserve system because you will need some time to go towards the parked car. If you take a bit longer to go towards the car, you need to provide a small fee for the extra reservation fee.

Sometimes, you might change your decision to get a sharing car, so you can easily call off the reservation. Nevertheless, none can take the car until you cancel your reservation.

3.   Unlock through your smartphone

After you reach your reserved car, you need to unlock the car through your smartphone a 4-digit pin code- or an extra manual key from the drawer.  Nevertheless, choosing the rate while starting the car is necessary.

Additionally, you can easily book a car for 1 hour to several days. But before starting your ride, it would be best to check for damages. However, you have options to take pictures and share them through the app immediately if you find any.

4.   Drive where you desire

You can use car-sharing apps to drive to your desired destination. You will rarely find any restrictions to move around the country.

But if you move out of the city, it is necessary to come back and park inside the city while you stop your ride. Yet, you can take breaks in the middle of your trips to make your tours more enjoyable.

5.   Park for free

Most people prefer car-sharing apps rather than rental services stations. This is because you can easily park your car wherever you want and when you decide to stop the ride.

You can park your car on any legal parking road, but you should remember the legal laws of the place where you’re parking a car. If you are confused about anything, you can always check them online.

You can stop your ride on drop-off zones like airports, hotels etc., in some cases, you need to pay a small fee if they are out-of-country. Also, you can find charging spots to charge electric cars.

6.   End your trip

You are ready to end your trip once you park the car in a suitable place. When you come out of the car, it is necessary to close all the windows and check the handbrake. Also, if you use the extra key, make sure to put it in place.

Finally, you need to use your smartphone again to stop the trip. The car will automatically lock itself and wait for the next rider to arrive.

Final Words

As the traffic is getting worse, you can reduce them by using car-sharing apps. Car sharing can save a lot of your money. Also, you can enjoy your tours being stress-free.

Thus, these 6 steps can help you understand how car sharing works. So, start working to make the world urbanized and livable for the future.