How Much Does a Professional Plumber Cost?

How Much Does a Professional Plumber Cost?

Hiring a plumber at Chorestop can be highly cost-efficient. You can expect the plumber to handle your home’s plumbing system professionally. But how much does a professional plumber cost?

People easily assume that professional plumbers are expensive. Understandably, the service is not cheap. But not seeking plumbing support can be even more expensive.

You can find different types of professional plumbers in your region. So, understanding their expenses is a must. There can be several factors affecting their costs. Let’s have a look at all these before hiring one.

The Cost of Hiring a Professional Plumber

The cost structure of a plumber is unique. It is a lot like any service provider. A doctor would charge you a visit fee and then any other costs for further treatments. Plumbers do the same thing.

They have a call-out fee. It is the fee you incur from calling them to your house for inspection. From there, they will work their functions to solve the problem. They can either charge an hourly rate or a fixed flat rate.

The service charges will vary depending on the fixing they do for you. The charge of fixing a toilet is $60 to $140. If they have to replace or install anything like a toilet or basin sink, they will charge $80 to $550.

Moreover, hot water services are quite expensive. This can cost you as much as $12,000 and at least a few thousand dollars. Finally, replumbing your entire home can cost you as much as 20,000 USD.

How Much Does a Professional Plumber Cost: 3 Types of Professional Plumbers

Plumbers will charge according to their professional careers. They may also charge you according to their cost structure. They can charge you on an hourly basis, or they can also charge you a flat rate. All these depend on their professional experience and position.

Apprentice Or Handyman Plumber

Apprentice plumbers are at the beginning of their careers. They have very little experience, and they may also lack superior skills. Thus, their main function is to fix the smallest issues.

Apprentices may not have a license to practice plumbing. This makes their costs a lot cheaper than others. But it can also be a bit risky to hire them.

This type of plumber usually charges an hourly rate. It can range between $20 to $40 per hour. Their expertise lies in doing the essential plumbing works.

Journeyman Plumber

A professional plumber should ideally have a journeyman license. Almost all the professionals you find will fall into this category. They have more knowledge, expertise, and skills than a beginner.

They will also charge you hourly rates, but this can be a little higher than the apprentices. The rate can range between $45 to $90 per hour.

Master Plumber

Master plumbers are at the peak of their position. They have the most knowledge, experience, and skills for plumbing works. They often run their own plumbing businesses and work with top-level clients.

Master plumbers can charge both hourly rates and fixed flat rates. The hourly rate can be between $70 to $130 per hour. They usually charge flat rates for larger projects, and it involves complex construction or real estate works.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Plumbers

Several factors can affect the final pricing of plumbing works. We have already seen how different services can change the overall costs. But there are many other factors too.

The first factor affecting the cost is quite simple. The different area has different plumbing demands. Plumber costs will vary greatly depending on this as well. Also, some community unions pay a fraction of the cost. So, you may find that your union has already paid a few percent of the plumbing service.

Some factors are not in the hand of a plumber. For instance, you may have an expired pipe attached to the toilet. The plumber you hired might have come for a simple inspection. But you may have to change the entire pipe into a new one. This can increase the overall cost of the service.


So, how much does a professional plumber cost? It all depends on many different things. But it mostly depends on the severity of the service.

If you need some serious fixing, plumbing works can cost you thousands of dollars. Also, the type of plumber you call in for support determines the final cost.

Finally, your area, house type, and plumber rate can vary the costs greatly. Whatever the case is, you should be prepared to spend at least a few hundred dollars.