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Online Chinese Language Course in Bangladesh

Today, there are a large number of people interested in the culture and language of this country. They want to learn to speak Chinese and progress daily and quickly. The reason may lie under the fact that the education and lifestyle id so upper class there. And many want to go there for education or job or even to be settled. And for that, knowing the language is essential. And here comes the dire need for a Chinese language course.

So, today, we will discuss two of the best online Chinese language course in Bangladesh. They are efficient, effective, and reasonable.

Is It Difficult to Learn Chinese Language Online?

On the other hand, there is no denying the necessary effort: studying with the correct method. There is no need to be afraid. Many have reached an excellent level of Chinese, even starting to study it as adults. But an amazing online course is also unquestionable.

Some courses or institutions will scare you with critical facts and factors. But with the right course, it’s easier than you think!

However, there is something you must understand about the Chinese language:

  • Chinese is a tonal language. It has five tones.
  • It has many characters that can be combined in a lot of ways to create a lot of words. AND each character can be pronounced one way or another, and, of course, can have multiple meanings;
  • The strokes of the characters must be done in strict order and style;
  • Traditional Chinese characters are used in Taiwan, Singapore, and long-standing Diasporas, not simplified ones.
  • Ditto for Chinese texts before the twentieth century.

That said, it is a fascinating language. And it is the language of the future.

Why Can Learning Chinese Be Beneficial?

  • Learning Chinese helps you understand China.
  • Studying Chinese develops discipline.
  • Speaking Chinese will get you a job quickly.
  • Studying Chinese will help you cope with others if you are living there.
  • Your studying in any Chinese institution will become easier.
  • To Know one of the oldest languages ​​of humanity.
  • If you have business in China, it will impress the clients.

Online Chinese Language Course in Bangladesh: Best Two

Ghoorilearning.com brings you two of the most prestigious and influential Chinese learning courses in association with Mirpur Language Institute. Mirpur Language Institute is a significant language training institute that has been teaching thousands of students every year. This time they have brought these online courses for students. So now you have the chance to learn Chinese from the comfort of your home.

There are two courses mainly.

Chinese Language Course

This course is more of an essential step in learning Chinese. Therefore, it is an ideal course for those with business in China who wish to learn basic conversation.

You will find from the introduction to phonetics as everyday expressions to have the basic knowledge in the course. It will help you carry out conversations of daily life, such as:

  • The exchange of personal information;
  • Introducing yourself;
  • Counting numbers;
  • Greetings;
  • Chinese phonetics;
  • Talking about daily agreements or food;
  • Asking about prices;
  • Conversations about transports;
  • Getting around the city, etc.

The course is 1hr 28 min long and comes with a certification after completing the course successfully.


Chinese HSK 1 & 2 Preparation Course

This course is another gem from Mirpur Language Institute. But unlike the previous one, this one is more of an intermediate to advanced course. Therefore, this course is perfect for anyone interested in going to China for study, job, or love. It has all the necessary topics that you will need.

The course contains:

  • Chinese Syllabic Structure;
  • Strokes;
  • Alphabets (a to Z);
  • Grammar and Pronunciation;
  • How to greet and talk about nationality;
  • How to talk about family;
  • How to invite someone over dinner, lunch, or party;
  • Vocabulary on appointments;
  • Vocabularies needed for class, exams or courses, etc.

There is much more to this course. That is why the course is 3hr 38 min long with 18 lessons.

Like any other good course, it also comes with a certification upon finishing.

Final Words

Chinese has the reputation of being a complex language to learn mainly because of the characters and pronunciation, the famous tones. But, in truth, it is no more difficult to learn Chinese than to learn another language. You must start with a good foundation and use the right online Chinese language course in Bangladesh.

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