How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos?

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The name YouTube comes with a bunch of titles, adjectives, and plaques. The most shared website, the most visited platform, ever-growing per diem…

Agree to me or not. Can you recall the 5 last and most visited websites in your history? It’s YouTube that will show up as one. Millions like you spend at least 30 minutes once they access this site.

Thus, if you want to say something to the people, it’s anticipated that YouTube would appear as the easiest via. YouTube was already there with countless opportunities to make money. Things will seem new to you if you haven’t studied yet about making money from YouTube thoroughly.

It is not a mandatory prerequisite to make a video and upload it. What you need is only a channel, not again, not to be a video maker. Today we’ll discuss how.

How to Make  Money on YouTube without Making videos?

Are you thinking that how much you can earn? It’s more than you know and easier than you can imagine, and you can make money on YouTube faster. Things start with…

Match Your Favorite and Best Niche

Once people start coming towards your channel, your money is halfway home. And, here’s the business for you. It is important to bring people on your screen of the kingdom to do the rest that will make your cash.

Find out what you are good at and what makes people interested. Pinpoint what’s the trend, propel your passion, then polish it. People tend to share the videos they like, color their interest with your content and ideas.

Remember, the more traffic it gains, the more and sooner the aftermath will be. Start your keyword research after getting a niche. The next task is to bring it out with the right content elements. Employ your knowledge now and get big on YouTube fast.

Get a Channel for You

You’re up to earing on YouTube but don’t have a channel- don’t play this perplexity. Everyone can have a channel as YouTube allows to be so.

Anyway, now that you have a Gmail account with a niche and keywords, sign in to Google. Go to your profile and create a channel easily.

Choose the keywords carefully while working on your bio. Your aim is to make the channel visible to the people and keep them safe from the YouTube flag.


It is not necessary that you must appear with your face on your channel. Probably you don’t want to. It’s completely okay. Find Creative Commons-licensed videos. Don’t know what to do with them and how to?

  • Just download them.
  • Edit, compile, and re-publish.

To find the videos:

  • Go to the search bar and type a keyword.
  • Click ‘Filters’ appeared at the top left corner of the video that you see first.
  • Then go to ‘Features’, choose ‘Creative Commons’.
  • Now you can simply download the video you want.
  • Do the necessary before publishing it in your channel.

Isn’t that easy?

Compilation of Videos

Compiling videos is one of the most common ways to re-publish videos. An advantage of this is a YouTuber doesn’t face scarcity of content.

From the reactions of funny incidents to speeches of intellectuals, sports highlights to arts and history, and what not elements are plenty.

Optimize the Videos

To like a video, it is the precondition that the audience clicks on it. So, you have to optimize the videos, make them enchanting and easily available. Actually, it’s technically the next step after choosing your niche and fulfilling the overall preparation.

Pick a catchy title, adorn it with gleaming thumbnails, and leave a story inside the content. Be sure that people want to come back to your channel.

Be consistent in what you do to make it unique and audience-friendly. Optimizing videos are among the bullet points you’ll need in your list every time.

Do you think that’s all? Many are out there who make a living off of YouTube. You’ll find very few people who hardly ever thought how a person could earn money on YouTube fast. But, it’s not super easy to upload videos on YouTube and make money.

Follow the successful YouTubers, know their skills and techniques. Be a good learner. Hopefully, in the end, it’s you who’ll stop making money from other people’s uploaded videos one day.


What is the Fastest Way to Make Money on YouTube?

Most importantly, bring traffic to your videos to do that. How? Be a reason people would be aware of you and follow you. Choose rich content and reach people with trendy tags, thumbnails, and titles. Advertisers look for quality and groovy content, and money gets an easy way at your hand through that.

How Do YouTubers Get Paid?

The money comes to a YouTuber’s account through the ads on their channel’s videos. More views and more clicks on the ads lead to more money. Like has no connection directly to the payment. It is also possible to make money on YouTube without ads.

How Much Money Does 1 Million YouTube Views Make?

On average, a YouTuber receives $2,000 to $4,000. The pay rate is variable depending on the content types, engagement, and different sources of income regarding individual videos.

Can I Make 1000 a Month on YouTube?

If a YouTuber has 1000 subscribers and 4000 followers, s/he will start receiving a portion of advertisement revenue from YouTube. Besides that, it needs 0.5 million viewers of a video. But, not necessarily exactly, as other factors will bring money for you separately.

Can You Make Money on YouTube by Posting Other People's Videos?

Yes. In fact, it is the only way you can make money from YouTube without making your videos. It is acceptable under YouTube’s Creative Commons-license. The license allows a YouTuber to use other’s content that falls in the category. For that, YouTube has its library.


You’ll find very few people who hardly ever thought how a person could earn money on YouTube fast. Did you ever think what if you are successful in making money through YouTube? Is it just your pastime, or do you want to be a permanent personality in this medium?

There’s nothing bad in mastering something and putting it aside after a flash. But, you should have a strong grasp on the pitch as long as you’re running.

Learn monetizing videos. Avoid and be erudite about rules and restrictions. Cross your limit, don’t stand on the same tip. Be new and creative with your works as you see the different world every day.

Last but not least, grow your technical knowledge, be more efficient with technology and new ideas. Now, don’t you agree that how to make money on YouTube without making videos has been an easy journey? Well, it is!