How to Make a Narcissist Miserable [20 Secret Ways]

How to Make a Narcissist Miserable

How to make a Narcissist miserable? Does it even it has a valid reason, or should you do it or not? Well, loving people is a common thing, but before that, you have to love yourself.

If a person is disturbed or not happy, practically he/she is considered unable to show love to others.

A person needs to be happy to generate positive energy. To live a happy life, there is no alternative to self-love.

Extreme self-love can also result in negative, and this is known as narcissism. It can also make a person’s life miserable.

Before starting the long discussion about narcissism, let’s take a glimpse of what narcissism is.

What is Narcissism?

In short words, narcissism means the love for own self. The person who is obsessed with his own self is known as a narcissistic person.

As human beings, we have heard about a very common disease called personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder.

To identify a narcissist, you can keep a close observation on them for a few days.

Their nature and behaviour towards others will speak out loud if they are narcissist or not. In this regard, we can say there are 4 different types of narcissists. They are,

  • Covert or vulnerable narcissist
  • Cerebral narcissist
  • Somatic narcissist
  • Spiritual narcissist

Why Do People Become Narcissists?

One person can be a narcissist due to so many reasons. It can be genetic or any past trauma that has compelled the person to become selfish, think, and concentrate more.

A failed relationship can result in making the deceived person an extreme narcissist. Being too much pampered by the parents is also another significant reason behind this.

How to Make a Narcissist Miserable [20 Secret Ways]

Narcissists have a simple rule of life that they want to rule everybody’s life. Therefore, they love to think of themselves as superior to everyone. Therefore, having a superiority complex is another sign of a narcissist.

But if you need a quick fix about how to frustrate a narcissist, let’s get into the top 20 secret that makes a narcissist’s life miserable,

Secret-1: Completely Ignore Them

Ignoring a narcissist may enrage them as most of them tends to have a fragile ego. In addition, ignoring will make them feel humiliated and lash out against you to protect themselves.

Though ignoring a narcissist is never out of danger. Extreme narcissists are unable to see the needs of others and don’t even care if they are exhausting another person.

Secret-2: Try Sarcasm with Them

Narcissists love to play mind games. They will follow different ways to manipulate you. For example, they love to use their sense of humour to abuse you verbally, but what happens when you apply for their very own medicine on them?

Well, they have tagged narcissists because they can’t accept letting someone win any argument over them. So they try to abuse others in disguise of sarcasm and cutting jokes verbally.

And the exciting thing is that they can’t handle it when somebody else throws that so-called sarcasm at them as they own a very fragile ego.

Secret-3: Always Ask Factor: Proof What They Claim

One common trait that every narcissist owns is that exaggerating thing excessively. This is because they are always hungry to get attention and admiration, whether about their intellect or physical appearances.

Sometimes they claim unrealistic things about themselves, which can immediately be proved as a false story. In this case, asking for proof will make them miserable.

Secret-4: Always Do What They Don’t Want

Going against what they want will definitely make a narcissist miserable. So one secret of keeping a narcissist happy is to do everything they want to be done.

When you refuse to follow their orders, they start hating and avoiding you or trying harder to make you listen to what they want.

They don’t love to show their true colours, show a lack of incorporating security into relationships, don’t like losing control over things.

Secret-5: Try to Say No to Them

Narcissists can bear any rejection. They want everybody around them to abide by their orders. Those are extremely sensitive to rejection.

This is one of the most common ways of attacking them. Narcissists tend to attack those who reject them by subjecting them to public humiliation.

The result of messing with a narcissist is negative most of the time. If you say no to them, they start to feel inferior, which will undoubtedly make them miserable.

Secret-6: Try to Stand Them before Mirror

To a narcissist, first priority means their own choices and decisions. They love to compete with others, and winning those competitions becomes the first priority to them.

If you are competing with a narcissist and win the competition, you stand before them in the mirror.

Nothing can make a narcissist insane than this incident. Therefore, it is essential to break their excessive false pride and overconfidence.

Secret-7: Always Try to Rule Them

Narcissists claim to have two standard sets of rules. First, they want you to do all the apologizing, and you have to respect them.

You can’t say anything or criticize them, and you have to do whatever they say. You can’t have feelings or express those feelings.

However, none of these rules applies when it comes to them. So, when you gain the power to rule them, it makes them insane thinking about losing the authority.

At some point, it’s essential to make them miserable to make them understand how it feels.

Secret-8: Never Let Them Control You

Controlling others is the most common sign of a narcissistic person—they self-obsessed individuals who control others for their gain.

They use a few specific tricks to get control or to maintain them. First of all, they guarantee success by targeting codependents who want to take advantage of their shortcomings.

They also try to make them feel special to gain control. It can be excessive compliments or flatter the individual to get them on his side.

Secret-9: Implement Consequences of Their Behaviour

The priority of a narcissist is to think about their interest. They behave according to their needs. They will be sweet to you as long as you are doing or bringing profit to them.

When the need is over, they will over through you. They behave as badly as it seems they have the right to do this.

All these will create a very impact on a human being. So try to implement these consequences on them.

They must know how it feels to feel down and neglected. These consequences hold a chance of change in their behaviour.

Secret-10: Defeat Them with Their Fact

Narcissists do care about the societal or organic or any structural rules. Instead, they create their own set of rules to oppress others. They are fanatically self-absorbed.

Whenever they do anything absurd, they try to justify them by bringing their own logic of the facts. Though defeating a narcissist is not an easy task to do.

Do the same things with them and justify it with the logic they gave you before? Undoubtedly his will make them miserable.

Secret-11: Ask Them for a Commitment

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, it will be emotionally and physically exhausting. They drain all the spirit and life from their partner.

They see their partners as trophies to show off rather than as companions, which explains their lack of commitment in the relationship.

In this situation, if another partner asks for a commitment, it will make them miserable. So never hesitate to give a pause to a toxic relationship.

Secret-12: Make People Humiliate Them

Without thinking twice, a narcissist will humiliate you in public if it gives any profit to them. So instead of persuading an absolute narcissist, humiliate them, cut them off.

Public humiliation is the ultimate defeat to them. If you are looking for an answer on how to humiliate a narcissist?

Do something which can break their fragile ego. Having a fragile ego makes them vulnerable when others make fun of them. So they can do anything to save their fragile ego.

Secret-13: Praise Other’s Success in Front of Them

Narcissists can’t stand anyone better in front of them. So they are always envious of those people who tend to be better than them.

It can be about intellectual or physical appearance. For example, if you praise someone before them, they perceive it as a threat to their existence and this fear of losing the ground make them insecure.

They can harm the person you praise in front of them. Overall it may create a miserable situation for all.

Secret-14: Don’t Let Them Manipulate Your Emotion

One thing you cannot deny that most narcissists are intellectually sharp. Somehow, they manage to grab all the tips and tricks about using others for their own profit.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, make sure that they are not using your emotional sentiments to manipulate you.

They can emotionally blackmail you to make things done. When they understand that you have become sure about these things, letting them out from tricking you into manipulating, it will make them crazy.

Secret-15: Don’t Let Them Manipulate Your Vulnerability

When an individual goes through a tough time in his life, he/she easily becomes dependent on those who show love and care to them.

The people showing you love and care in your bad time doesn’t always come with good intention in their mind. A narcissist will grab the full advantage of your bad times.

If you feel miserable about a narcissist’s actions, please do remember narcissists can fake apology. They will shower their love on you to take control over you to use you according to their needs.

Secret-16: Feel Sorry for Them

A self-obsessed person always does thing for his own profit, but sometimes their tricks bite them back. This backbite sometimes gets their attention, sometimes not if the profit is bigger than the loss.

Normal people may feel pity for seeing all these, and surprisingly they can’t even bear this. They don’t have any sympathy or empathy for others.

If someone feels sorry for them, it makes them think that the person in front of them thinks him weak. And that is the reason they are feeling sorry for them.

Secret-17: Be Very Straight Forward with Them

A narcissist will always try to grab you in their trap. They will show you fake emotional affection to use you.

At the very moment, you understand this trick, be rebellious to them. Be straightforward about telling your thoughts to them.

If you don’t take any step toward understanding their motives, they will keep using you and your emotions for their own profit.

Even if it makes them miserable, never hesitate to do this.

Secret-18: Try Not to Let Them Lie About Their Financial Problems

Narcissists are greedy by nature. Some are greedy for admiration and some for financial things. They have different type of fascination for different things.

They will never hesitate to create any false drama if it brings profit to them. They can lie to you about their miserable condition to get financial profits.

They will surely spend that money on some expensive thing to show off in front of others. Expose them to make them miserable.

Secret-19: Try to Make Them Stay Calm

A narcissist will never hesitate to create a drama unnecessarily or create a scene to get sympathy or attention from others as sometimes attention is all they want.

In this situation, try to play with tricks to make them calm. It will help them to control themselves, which is an excellent thing.

Secret-20: Start Thinking Critically About Them

Narcissists are very complicated. It’s not so easy understanding their motive.

If you ever find someone close to you is a narcissist, try to observe their nature about what they are hungry for closely.

This observation will surely help them to do anything that harms others.

Final words: How to Make a Narcissist Miserable

Narcissism is good until they are not causing any harm to other individuals. There is a limit to narcissism where we can differentiate it from a typical human nature and NPD.

Making a narcissist miserable is not the ultimate thing to teach them a good lesson. It can make them more dangerous. We have to encourage them for taking medical treatment.

However, that’s all from us on how to make a narcissist miserable. We hope our detailed discussion will help you understand the fact. If you have any issue, please do send us a query.

FAQ: How to Make a Narcissist Miserable

What is Narcissistic Behavior?

Too much obsessed about own self.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Narcissistic?

Closely observe the person you assume a narcissist and try to identify if they have those nine common traits of a narcissist or not.

What Attracts Someone to a Narcissist?

Narcissists become good to people showing excessive love and affection to gain control over them, which attracts people to a narcissist.

Do Narcissists Know That They are Narcissists?

In some cases, narcissists are fully aware of their narcissism, and in some other cases, even after knowing their truth, they can't control their narcissism.

What Do Narcissists Hate the Most?

Lack of admiration, losing control over others, rejection, commitment in a relationship, someone better than them etc., are the most common things hated by a narcissist.