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Does Health Insurance Cover Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

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Whenever you encounter a motorcycle collision, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Lying in a hospital bed, you think, who will pay my medical bills? Does my health insurance cover motorcycle accident injuries?

The first thing you should do after a motorcycle accident is to get medical care. Then, the essential thing is calling an Airdrie motorcycle accident lawyer. Airdrie lawyers are experienced in handling severe motorcycle accident cases.

The word “insurance” conveys different meanings. It can indicate security. Meanwhile, it can also create confusion in understanding what your policy covers and what it doesn’t.

Here is a guide for you to understand what to do in such a situation.

Does Health Insurance Cover Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Most health insurance does offer some coverage for motorcycle accident injuries. However, it depends on how much your health insurance policy covers. In addition, it may depend on your co-pays, policy, deductibles, etc.

Or, it may cost a considerable amount out of your pocket before your coverage starts. Your medical insurance is less likely to cover all medical care costs after the collision. It certainly won’t pay for pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage.

Some insurance companies pay for your treatment but also include a subrogation clause. So what does a subrogation clause mean? It means if you can recover the expenses from the third party that injured you, you need to repay the money.

The insurance company makes sure that you reimburse them the money they paid for your treatment. If you fail to pay the money back, you could lose your health insurance.

All these things create confusion for the injured person. That’s why you must seek help from an attorney. The attorney can help you understand your possibilities for recovering damages.

How Does Motorcycle Insurance Work?

Almost in every state, you need to have insurance to drive a motorcycle. Indeed, you need separate insurance for driving a motorcycle, just like car insurance. However, motorcycle insurance is different from car insurance in many ways, such as;

Motorcycle riders do not get first-party benefits

Motorcycle insurance does not get first-party benefits like car insurance. It does not cover medical expenses for the person who suffered in an accident. Your medical bills will go to your health insurance company.

So, they may pay for your medical bills that are covered in your policy. The rest of the bills, like pain and suffering, lost wages, etc., will be passed on to you.

You can sue the person who is at fault.

Indeed, your insurance company doesn’t cover all medical expenses. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot seek compensation for the person responsible for your accident. You can still seek payment of medical bills from the person who caused the accident.

Your insurance company could pursue a subrogation of benefit

If you get the compensation, your insurance company could pursue a subrogation of benefit. The insurance company has the right to ask you to repay the costs of your bills. Aftermath is you get nothing even after the tricky process of arriving at a settlement.

What If Your Health Insurance Company Pay The Bills?

Paying the medical bills with your health insurance can cause problems. Suppose your insurance company agrees to pay your medical expenses. It would be best if you kept in mind the following things.

Deductible and Co-pays

If the insurance company agrees to pay your medical bills, you’ll need to pay your deductible and co-pays. The amount can be thousands of dollars. Again, it depends on the particular terms and conditions of your health insurance plan.

Health insurance does not cover all your medical costs

There are many other expenses in addition to your deductible and co-pays. For example – costs for all the physical therapy or occupational therapy. Your insurance company may not cover all these expenses your need after a motorcycle accident.

Health insurance does not cover other non-medical costs

A motorcycle accident can often cause many damages other than medical issues. You may lose your ability to work further, or there may be damage to your property. However, your insurance company is not going to pay for these damages related to the accident.

Get Help from an Experienced Airdrie Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Sufferings from severe injuries after a motorcycle accident can be traumatic. But what is most painful is not getting all the support from your insurance company. Your insurance company may pay a portion of your costs.

However, there are many other economic and non-economic losses left. An experienced lawyer can help you opt for the best options. If there is a subrogation clause, the lawyer will review the terms of your policy.

The lawyer will ensure you pay your insurance company the amount they are entitled to. An experienced lawyer can handle the insurance companies well that fight harder in motorcycle accident cases.


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