How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace [Budget Friendly Guide]


Are you planning to give your backyard an esthetic look? Constructing an outdoor fireplace is the right decision.

However, paying a fortune to the contractor for this job might not be what you want.

Don’t worry; you can build your outdoor fireplace.

We will provide you a guideline about how you can build your outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor fireplace construction is not an easy job.

However, I believe our construction plan will make it easy for you.

Basics of an Outdoor Fireplace

Like any other construction job, you should check about your fireplace where you will build it.

Find a spot in your backyard or patio that isn’t only nice but also safe.

Make sure the spot is not near any tree branch that hangs low.

After selecting a spot, make sure you have strong concrete blocks for your fireplace structure.

Local Codes and Restrictions

Once the spot of your fireplace and its structure’s equipment is set, your next concern is legal kinds of stuff.

Often, we need special permission from the head of the community before building things like a fireplace.

As safety issue is related with fireplace, getting a clearance is sometimes challenging.

However, once you are clear with your community head, nothing can stop you from building your outdoor fireplace.

Budget Planning

When we plan anything, budget is the first thing that comes to our mind. You are up for taking all this pain of building your fireplace to save some money.

Unfortunately, all the things that one needs to build a fireplace might also be a tad expensive for some of us.

I must say gathering all that tools and materials isn’t an easy job.

Although you have nothing to worry about, we have a solution for that problem as well.

If your pocket is tight, move toward the fireplace kit.

Benefits of Using a Fireplace Kit

Your budget problem has an easy solution if you purchase a fireplace kit.

Building an outdoor fireplace from scratch is not an easy job.

Moreover, fireplaces built with fireplace kits are expected to perform better than those built from scratch.

There is less probability of any technical error if you use a kit rather than building it from scratch.

Besides, a fireplace kit does not only help you to save your money but also hard work.

All you need to do is make a bundle of the kit components, bind them, settle the firebricks using the binding, and apply the veneer.

You can finish the job in days when it was supposed to take weeks.

Choosing a Fireplace Kit

Now, you might lean towards buying a fireplace kit since it saves money and time.

However, you have to make another prudent decision.

You will get a great outcome from a fireplace kit, only if you chose the suitable kit.

While using the kit is an easier option, not all the kits are user-friendly.

There is no point in buying a kit that will take a lot of time to assemble.

Thus, do some research before settling for one. Settle for the one you can use without any hassle.

Required Tools to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Although it is easier with a kit, there are some of you who are passionate about DIY.

Some of you might have a dream of a DIY outdoor fireplace.

Thus, I will not keep you waiting anymore. Here are the tools that you will need to build a fireplace.

  • A set of rubber gloves
  • A tamp
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammers (Masonry and normal)
  • A power saw (preferably the circular ones)
  • Concrete flattener
  • Scoop
  • Set square
  • A crosscut
  • A rake
  • Mortar pestle

Required Materials to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Once you are done with gathering tools, you will have to gather the materials. The list of materials is lengthy.

  • Concrete ember blocks. You will thirty-three of them in total and twelve of them in half.
  • Coating stones
  • Six Cement boards
  • Two chimney caps, preferably made of metal (24X24 inch)
  • Twenty-Six bags of set-in concrete (get the 80 lb. ones)
  • Six bags of sand (get the 50 lb. ones)
  • Six feet X forty-two inches sheathing
  • Nails (masonry and the normal ones)
  • Two angle steel (One-and-a-half-inch X Seventy-two inch)
  • Two hearth logs (42 X 32 inch)

How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

If you think you are ready with your tools and materials, there is no need to wait to get into action.

After all, you will need to fill a long list of steps to reach your destination.

Make sure you are fully determined and energetic before we go down that road.

Develop a plan of action

Yes, I know you have decided whether you want a backyard fireplace or a patio fireplace.

However, believe me when I say there is more to that.

I believe any task gets easier when you have a plan to proceed.

Besides, the task becomes a lot less time-consuming.

Therefore, make a unique timeline and plan for yourself.

Make a plan which will suit you.

This plan and timeline will help you to stay determined.

Clear and Level the Area for the Pad

The area you will choose wouldn’t be a plane surface.

As the land wouldn’t be even, this is when you are going to use your tamp.

At first, you will need to take out the land portion, which is very uneven.

Then you will need to throw some sand on the area, and then you will settle the area.

That is how you will level your land.

Build the Fireplace Pad Structure

Build the concrete shape by using the nails and hammer you have got.

Now you will have to use your square set.

With the help of your square set, make sure that your concrete shape is perfect.

Most people prefer it to be rectangular, but you can make it square too.

After that, you will have to cut the sheathing according to the size.

Apply the Fireplace Pad Concrete

At first, you will have to prepare your set-in concrete.

You can do that by mixing it in a large bowl with the help of a rake.

Now apply half of the mixture to your structure.

Place the sheathing you have cut before, then apply the rest of it.

Remember, you must let your concrete dry.

Place the Fireplace’s Wood Box

At first, you will need seven of your full-sized ember blocks.

You will have to place them in a U shape.

Now you will need two of your half-sized ember blocks.

Place them at the ends of the U.

Now, you will need to bind the blocks on your pad.

In this way, you will have to build two more levels.

Your second level will have to rotate the blocks.

The third level will be as precise as the first one.

Make the Pillar

Now you will need that crosscut you have gathered before.

With the help of your crosscut, cut the angel steel.

Position it at the front of the wood box as a pillar.

The piece of angel steel will work as a support.

Place Your Hearth Logs

Place the hearth logs on top of the wood box.

You need to bind them carefully and evenly.

Make the Firebox

The firebox will be very similar to the wood box.

It would be best if you made it smaller.

It would be best if you built it on top of the hearth logs.

And after building the firebox, you need to cut your angel steel according to the firebox’s size.

Place them like pillars as you did before.

Install the Chimney Caps

Place your chimney caps. Place one beside another above the firebox.

Lay the Veneer Stone

As this is the final stage, you should do it with delicacy.

All is well that ends well, right?

You need to cut your cement boards accurately and place them around the fireplace.

You will have to fix these boards by nailing them with masonry nails that you have got.

Mix your veneer stone and apply it to your cement board.

Final Words: How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

I hope now you have a clear and better idea of how you will make your outdoor fireplace by yourself.

You will find many ideas on the internet about how you can decorate your homemade outdoor fireplace after building it.

I hope our outdoor fireplace plan is suitable and feasible for you.