How to Boost WiFi Signal with Aluminum Foil [DIY Guide 2021]

How to Boost WiFi Signal with Aluminum Foil

How to boost WiFi signal with aluminum foil? Just imagine what would happen in the modern world without internet connectivity. We are so interconnected with the internet we cannot think of passing a day without it.

Nowadays, WiFi has become a standard operational tool for our day-to-day life.

All the information, work resources are available on the internet. So we must stay connected.

We might find ourselves in such situations, where we get a robust WiFi signal on one corner of the house and a poor one on another corner.

Also, there can be some dead zones in your house where no signal reaches.

How to Boost WiFi Signal with Aluminum Foil?

There are several ways to boost WiFi signals. For example, you can buy a more powerful router, buy an extender to extend the signal. But these processes are going to cost you hundreds of dollars.

When the remedy is available in your home, would you spend some money on this?

This DIY solution requires aluminum foil and a simple paper box. These items are always available in every household.

If you have dead spots in your house, you can use aluminum foil to block the signal in one direction and strengthen it to the opposite.

We call it an aluminum foil WiFi reflector. You can easily make this reflector pretty straightforward by following some easy steps.

This method is also used to make an aluminum foil tv antenna reflector.

The working principle in both cases is the same.

Maybe you have heard a lot that aluminum foil is used as a WiFi reflector.

Maybe you are confused if it works or not.

Does Aluminum Foil Really Boost WiFi?

Yes, it does boost the WiFi signal. However, when the foil reflector guides the WiFi signal in a particular path, it blocks the beacon in the opposite.

Imagine you have an empty field on the behind coverage of your router. There is no point in spreading your WiFi signal all over that place.

Some researchers from Dartmouth University have found the working activity of this hack. Those researchers 3D printed a router specified shape and wrapped it with aluminum foil, and it worked as expected.

This working idea can outperform other costly WiFi extenders.

Shiny metal has a feature to reflect electromagnetic waves. As WiFi goes into the electromagnetic category, foil reflectors come in handy.

Serves a Security Purpose Too

When we place the router beside the window, some security break-in can occur.

Ethical hackers claimed that direct wireless signals create an access control mechanism. So, it is better to block the WiFi behind the window or in a vulnerable place.

How to Boost WiFi Signal with Aluminum Foil

You need some materials to get started. First, we will make a dish-type set-up to deflect the WiFi signal towards the dead spots.

If you don’t have any issues with your WiFi, I suggest you not apply the hack. It can make things worse.

If changing the position of the router solves the problem, do not try the hack.

Required Tools / Materials

These are the daily used materials you can find at your home.

  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Small box (Same size as the router)
  3. Scissors
  4. Adhesive

Once you gathered all of them, let’s get into work.

ü Step 01: Find Good Quality Aluminum Foil

Find a good quality aluminum foil. There are two types of foils, one is regular, and another one is heavy-duty.

Heavy-duty ones are much thicker than the regular ones. Whichever you choose, choose from a good brand for good quality.

ü Step 02: Find a Small Box

Now take a small box approximately to the size of your router. Make an opening to one side of the box. You can adjust the size by placing the router and seeing if it fits comfortably.

Cut some foils with scissors according to the size of the box.

ü Step 03: Stick the Foil on the Small Box

Now grab the foil paper and some adhesive. There are two sides of an aluminum foil, one part is less shiny, and another part is more.

We are going to wrap the shiny side on the outer layer.

With the help of adhesive, stick the foil on the box properly. Make the surface as smooth as possible.

ü Step 04: Make Some Hole to Put the Antenna

So, now you are done sticking the foils. Next, you should make some holes for the antennas to fit in. If there are multiple antennas, make sure you measure the distance in between before making holes.

The antennas must fit comfortably inside the box.

ü Step 05: Put the Box Cover with Aluminum Foil onto the Antenna

Now put the foiled wrapped box onto the antennas. Point it towards the dead zone.

You should know that the reflector will block the signal behind it.

If the box does not fit properly, try to adjust it.

Congratulation, now you successfully made the reflector. And it is equipped to do the job for you.

Now experiment with the direction and see at which position it increases the signal strength.

Remember that this whole procedure is for strengthening your WiFi signal, not to increase the speed at all.

Internet speed depends on your service provider. If you have a problem with speed, then this trick is not for you. Instead, contact your service provider and figure out the problem.

Expert Tips: Boosting WiFi Signal with Aluminum Foil

To get more out of this hack, you can tilt the left and right side wall of the box. It will help to achieve a more specific location. In this way, the signal will cover a larger area than the boxed-shaped reflector.

Closely attach the aluminum foil to the box surface. The goal is to make the surface smoother. If there is an uneven surface, the reflector will not work effectively.

Concluding Words: Boosting WiFi Signal with Aluminum Foil

So, now you know the best method on how to boost WiFi signal with aluminum foil.

This “block WiFi signal aluminum foil” hack can also be used as a “boost tv antenna signal aluminum foil” hack as both works the same way.

The dead zones have an easy fix with this solution.

No extra tool is required.


Does Aluminum Foil Increase the Wireless Signal?

As mentioned earlier, researchers have seen a significant increase in the signal with aluminum foil reflector. That is because it blocks the signal going in one direction and reflects it towards another direction.

Does Putting Tin Foil Behind the Router Work?

Foils made from metals are very good at reflecting electromagnetic radiation. So, in this case, some tin foil will work the same way aluminum foil does.

How Can I Boost My WiFi Signal DIY?

All the DIY method includes making a reflector for the antennas. You can make it from a soda can, tin foil, and aluminum foil.

How Can I Boost My WiFi Signal for Free?

The best way to do that is to place the router in a position that there is no chance of a dead spot. Then, keep the software updated from the brand's official website.

Does Aluminum Affect WiFi?

Yes, it does interfere with WiFi. Metals do interfere with electromagnetic radiation. But we can also get the benefit out of it.