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How to Light a Candle without a Lighter [Expert Guide]

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A lot of us want to learn new methods of doing something mundane. For those of you, this article will help you learn and understand how to light a candle without a lighter and instead use other sources.

How to Light a Candle Without a Lighter

Using a lighter to light candles has become our go-to way of lighting candles. We are used to instead of results and always look for the easiest ways to get a job done. However, sometimes during an emergency, we might not be fortunate enough to have a lighter. We will need to opt for other ways to light candles or even start a fire.

Therefore, we must learn and educate ourselves on the different methods of starting a fire and lighting up candles.

How to Light a Candle with an Electric Stove

One of the most common ways to light first at home is through an electric stove. The electric stove is a resistive heating element that is not designed to contain open flame safely. However, if you heat it for a certain period until the burner turns red, you can use it to light a flame.

Once the burner turns glowing red, take a long sticky candle and rest the wick against the heated red parts. The candle wick burst into flame.

How to Light a Candle without Matches

If you are not comfortable using matches, you can use other effective methods to light up candles both in and out of the house. Below a list of effective methods is discussed.

Resistive Heating Element

Many resistive heating elements can be found at your home to live a candle. Some of these sources include stoves, ovens, room heaters, and toasters.

Please turn on the resistive element and wait until it heats up and turns red. Once it turns hot red, you can use a long thin candle and place the wick against the red heated part. The wick will ignite, and then you can use the candle to light up other candles.

Make sure you stand at a safe distance and keep the surrounding area of the element dry. Also, make sure you remember to turn off the element to avoid any unwanted hazardous accidents.

Focus Light with a Lens

Another way of starting fires is by using a magnifying glass. This method is often used outdoors. For those of you who might not have a magnifying glass, you can instead use a broken lightbulb filled with water or a pair of binoculars.

On that note, to start a fire, place the magnifier between a piece of tissue paper and the sun. You can use any form of paper but make sure they are dry. The sun is your source of light in this situation.

After placing the magnifier in the right place, hold it until there is a bright, focused pinpoint of light on the paper. Soon after, the paper will burst into flames. You can then lit a candle.

Heat Tin Foil with a Battery

If you need to light up a candle at night, you can use tin foil and a battery to do so. You will need tinfoil, a battery and a pair of scissors. The first step is to cut the tinfoil into a strip that is twice as long as the battery you have.

You will then have to fold the tinfoil in half. Place the two ends of the foil and hold them against the two ends of the battery terminals. The middle section of the tinfoil will get hot immediately. You can then hold a candle against the hot part, and it will ignite instantly.

Get All Davy Crockett with a Flint

Another method used to light fire without a lighter is flint. Flint is often used to light fire outdoor, especially during campaigns.

To light a fire with a flit, you will need a metal object containing iron. You can then strike the strike with the metal object, and this will create a spark. Once you get the spark, you can soon get a flame and use a stick to light the candle quickly and safely.

This method can be risky; hence, it is advisable to keep the surrounding area dry. You have to be extremely careful. Otherwise, you will be prone to accidents.

Use the Stove

The last and the easiest method to light a candle is by using a stove. This is for those of you who use a gas stove instead of an electric stove.

Turn on your gas stove and make sure the flames are at medium level. If the flames are too high, you might risk burning your hands from the heat.

Take a long thin candle, stand at a safe distance and then hold the candle above the flames. The wick will lit up instantly. You can use the lit candle to light up other candles, too, especially to light a low candle.

If you don’t have a long candle, you can use a match stick to light that up from the stove instead. Then use the match to light up the candles.

Once you are done, don’t forget to turn off the stove.

Final Thoughts

There are various ways to light up candles without matches. Our ancestors did not have the privilege of using matches or lighters. They had to make it by igniting a fire in many creative ways.

We can do the same and learn how to light a fire in many ways. The above-discussed methods are few the most common and safest ways to light up candles without matches. If you decide to learn other methods too, make sure to be careful and to be safe.

FAQ: How to Light a Candle without a Lighter

It’s fun to do something new, stepping out from the typical system of doing something. However, we see many people are asking questions about lighting candles without a lighter. So, we think it is better to answer all those questions at once in below FAQ section. Check it out now.

How do you burn a candle without fire?

All the above methods can be used to burn a candle without fire as in the beginning you don't need fire, and the fire is the result.

How do you light a candle in a microwave?

Heat the microwave and wait until the rods are hot red. You can then place a candle against a heated red place, and the candle will ignite immediately.

How do you light a candle with your fingers?

You cannot light a candle with your fingers.

Can you put the lid on a candle after blowing it out?

Yes, you can put a lid on a candle after blowing it out. Ensure the lid is spacious enough that the candle's wick or wax does not get damaged.

How do you light a candle safely?

All the methods mentioned above are safe ways to light candles. Other than that, you will have to maintain a safe distance, not have any forms of oil around the source of flame, and switch everything off after you're done.

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