What is the Purpose of Criminal Law: The Ultimate Guide?


The criminal justice system is built on the foundation of criminal law. Many acts can give a criminal the punishment of fines, probation, arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment, etc. are defined by the law. In their criminal laws, states penalize a wide range of behaviors.

Let us show you the purpose of criminal law: the ultimate guide. Keep reading.

What Is the Purpose of Criminal Law: The Ultimate Guide?

A crime, according to the conventional view of criminal law, is a morally wrong act. According to Enlightenment writers like Cesare Beccaria, the basic objective of criminal law is to deter crime. The notion of broad prevention has resurfaced in the United States. With the advancement of the social sciences, new notions such as public safety and offender reform evolved.

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What is Criminal Law?

Criminal law is a tool used by the ordered societal system to safeguard individual rights living in a society. It also is ensuring the group’s existence and survival by promoting justice.

This law forbids or discourages that is harmful to or dangerous to the public interest. By using it, society warns people about the acts that are harmful to society and people. It also distinguishes between serious and minor offenses; for example, a tort is private damage, but a crime is considered a public violation, even if the real sufferer is a person. Finally, it gives punishment to the criminal and helps them achieve human demands for retribution, rehabilitation, etc.

Nature of Criminal Law

Whatever the law designates as a criminal violation and punishes with punishment is referred to be a crime. A fine or imprisonment is not required for all criminal convictions. A judge and jury representing the public in a court of law can issue a formal condemnation of a crime. The judge may just issue a warning that he or she should not repeat the unlawful behaviour. Most people would find undesirable activities often not prosecuted by the state, and the individuals involved are left to their own devices.

Main Purposes of Criminal Law

Criminal laws have certain purposes, and it is always for the benefit of the people and justice. That is why sometimes the strict rules are negotiated and crossed to give importance to humanity by the judge. And that is why the judicial system is controlled by the jury board, not by the robots. A judge always gives importance to the emotion considering the strict rules before giving a verdict.

There are many purposes to have strict rules for unlawful acts. They are-

  1. It is a way of setting examples. Sometimes the law has to be strict to show other people that doing something unlawful intention will end in devastating resolution. It shows society’s unapproved towards bad deeds.
  2. As mentioned before, setting an example for the potential and future criminals about the outcome of any criminal offense.
  3. Now, if the criminal has committed the offense, they have to be punished. Perhaps it is community service or imprisonment. By this, there are two good side effects. One is the criminal will get some time away from all the luxury and people to think about what he has done, more like grounding a child. Another is keeping harmful being away from society. So it is a win-win case.
  4. In jail time, you will not just be sitting around contemplating what you did, and they will help you find a passion and how to gain money. It will also help you to keep you focused. And after the imprisonment, you will have the scope of rehabilitation.
  5. And finally, the major goals of the sentence should be considered by the court. First, demonstrate society’s disapproval of illegal behaviour. Second, prevent the criminal and others from committing crimes in the future. Third, if required, remove the offender from the community. Fourth, help the offender get back on his feet. Fifth, apologize to the victims and the community. Last but not least, encourage the offender to accept blame for his or her conduct.

The Final Verdict

Through the criminal justice system, criminal law strives to detect, recognize, punish, and educate the general public and potential criminals about the consequences of their acts. That is why criminal law and its utilization in society are very important.