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Men’s Gifts That Are Totally Out of the Box!

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Tired of giving common gift items for your man? Want some unique gift ideas that your man will love? Then this blog will help you.

Here’s a list of some unique gifts for men that you can choose next time.

9 Out of the Box Men’s Gifts Ideas

Whenever an occasion comes, whether it’s birthdays, Christmas, or anniversaries you can barely find any gifts you haven’t tried before. But this is surely not your problem!

Here’s a list of 9 men’s gifts that you can choose next time.

1.    Vintage Shaving Kit

It may seem the appeal for manual razor kits has gone. However, some men still avoid using electric trimmers and regular razors. They always want precision. So, you can gift your man a vintage shaving kit.

Most of these sets come with single blades to achieve the perfect look they want in their shave. All thanks to such vintage kits that give our guys the proper clean look!

2.    Customized Watch

Every man finds a watch classy and stylish for regular use. While smartwatches have grabbed the market, classic watches are still fashionable. There’s no doubt men always have one watch that they love.

So, whether it’s your father, husband, friends, or brother, they will work for sure love this gift idea. You can choose a durable watch engraved with the person’s name or a quote.

3.    Charging Trays

While charging your phone is necessary, most people lose their one due to unorganized arrangements. Especially when you have multiple devices, it’s common to mess up with all of them.

Hence, if your man seems like this, a charging tray can be handy. Additionally, his room will end up looking neat and clean every day.

4.    Cologne set

Who doesn’t want their partner to smell good? Everyone does. And giving a cologne set to your partner can never go wrong. They will smell manly throughout the day.

So, you can choose a set of 4 perfumes as such sets hold fragrances for every season. Therefore, he can wear one, whichever he prefers. You might also search for the fragrances he’s willing to try. This will make him surprised when he gets the gift.

5.    Scented Candles

Scented candles can make the surroundings feel fresh and seductive. And who wouldn’t love such a feel? So, you can get him scented candles to use on special days.

As every man has a different smell preference, you can find something that he would love. But whenever in doubt, a soothing smell, like lavender or lime, will surely impress him. So, why not order one right away to surprise him?

6.    Name a Star

Naming a star is a new trend for everyone around the world. Now, you can gift your special one something out of the box—to be specific, this is something out of EARTH! Yes, now, you can name a star after their name. It shows your love towards him and will also be a great way to surprise your man.

7.    Countdown Letters

A person always waits for the birthday month. If your partner is that person, countdown letters are the best birthday gift they would get.

You can write down 7 countdown letters and give them a week before the special day. Every letter will be counted as one day so they can start opening them a week before.

8.    A Travel Book

Is your partner a traveller? Or dreams about travelling the world? If yes, he would love a travel book if you give him one. He can rewind the beautiful experiences while travelling. This will make him feel as if you care about his dreams.

Most men have a bucket list of going for adventures. Therefore, help him plan better for his trips!

9.    Customized Action Figures

You can tell him he’s an awesome person while comparing him to his favourite superhero. Or maybe you can make him a superhero. Now, you will find many stores where you can customize action figures.

So, know his favourite character, use his headshot and customize one exactly like him. Men love thoughtful gifts, and they will surely fall for you more when you give them something like this!

Final Verdict

Apart from these 9 out-of-the-box men’s gifts, there are some other options you can do. However, those we mentioned here are not very costly, and you can easily find them in the nearest stores or online.

Such gifts would never let him forget the day. Other than these, you will get a lot of ideas from 99fab.com. As there are a variety of categories, you will find something that would keep your man stunned.

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