How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Small Budget?

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Small Budget?

Do you need to plan a baby shower for someone close to you? People often love or hate babies – there is no in-between! But you have to plan an inexpensive baby shower. The to-be parents are eagerly waiting for the welcome party of the little angel.

It would be best to show your creativity to make the party memorable and beautiful. If you are here to answer “how to plan a baby shower on a small budget,” then the article is perfect for you. You will get to know all about low-budget baby showers.

9 Tips to plan a baby shower on a small budget

There are many ways to plan a low-budget baby shower. Some cost-saving ways to plan a baby shower are as follows:

Create a registry

In a baby shower, it is necessary to create a registry. You can add different items from vendors or websites in a registry, and the guest can purchase from the registry.

As you planning an affordable baby shower, you can add free items from baby and mom stores. Additionally, you can create a free baby registry through different sites.

Set proper expectations

Often people suggest setting proper expectations for the baby shower. If you have your standards right, you do not need more than $200. People can put a budget based on their expectations. However, there are hacks to save by applying techniques.

Set a location

You can easily save a lot from the location you choose. Some places for you can be home, friends’ home or a park.

However, to host a baby shower in parks, you need to get the authority’s permit. When you plan at home, there are many places where you would not need money like seating, decors, table, etc.

Save on catering

Catering is a significant part of any occasion. You need to pre-plan the menu and check your prices. It can be in brunch time, on a scheduled time, snack occasion, pot luck style, and avoid alcohol.

Ask for help

If you are the host of the baby shower, you need to ask for help. It is unnecessary to take the extra pressure of doing everything on your own. One way of getting help is to enlist your friends.

Being a host, you can assign your friends to different tasks. It creates an atmosphere of involving all possible people in the baby shower. When your friends and family are helping, you eventually reduce the cost of renting outsiders.

Show creativity with decorations

Planning a baby shower is all about creativity. If you are struggling with creative ideas, you can easily ask for help or purchase readymade decorations. There are many stores where you can find decoration sets at a low price.

Nevertheless, if you want a cheap baby shower, you can DIY the decors without any hassle.

Send invitations

In the digital world, creating invitations is entirely free. We can find online sites using free websites. The invitations can easily be saved in the technologies and send by emails or messages. If you need help in creating the invitations, you can check out some online tutorial videos.

Reduce Rent fee

The pre-plan of the baby shower helps the host to reduce costs. When the guest list is long, it is better to rent everything that you need beforehand. One great idea is to save by asking others as everyone has tables, chairs, and decors at home.

Additionally, you can rent the things you need ahead of the party, ensuring you get good service. However, you can ask vendors for discounts or deals. In many cases, vendors set combo offers to get more customers or even help customers with coupon codes.

Add Entertainment and Games

Will you ever enjoy a party without entertainment? A host can set up few games for the baby shower. Guests will enjoy the baby shower and also get another option to help themselves to save money.

You will get many DIY ideas online to choose from for the bridal shower you are arranging. Make sure you have a playlist for the baby shower. You can choose according to your requirements. The party will boost up even more when there’s music in the background.

How much does a baby shower cost?

If you are a host, it is up to your expectations to think about the cost. However, a typical baby shower starts from $100 to $1500. The price varies based on the guest lists, food menus, and the baby shower place.

In most cases, baby showers are in a home by the host to constrict guests as low as possible.

Things to keep in mind

One of the important things to keep in mind is guests don’t care whether your baby shower is cheap or expensive. Only the host thinks about the baby shower being cheap, or people would not like it.

In most cases, guests rarely give any opinion, but the hosts overthink and mess up the perfect planning. Guests always attend a baby shower to get together with everyone and congratulate the to-be parents.

They would not even recognize that the decors are DIY or you are borrowing them from anyone. The only complaint they might have been about food. A suggestion for you is never to experiment with the food menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that might help while planning a baby shower.

Who Plans a Baby Shower?

Traditionally, we see that a friend or relative plans a baby shower. People say that close family members never plan a baby shower to collect gifts that the couple receives.

How Many People Do You Invite to a Baby Shower?

A guest list varies from 15 to 50 people. It depends on the host whether they are inviting many guests or keeping it to a minimum. Most couples prefer a small baby shower so that they can equally give attention to everyone.

What is a Good Menu for a Baby Shower?

A good menu for a baby shower is healthy food. As it is a baby shower, the host needs to keep in mind about-to-be mother. Some popular savory foods are cheese plates, pickles, meatballs, satay, rolls, sushi, etc.

How Much Should I Budget for a Baby Shower?

A traditional baby shower can range from $100 to $1500, and a virtual baby shower can cost $20 to $250. However, as we said before, the budget for a baby shower depends on the guest list, food menus, and decors.

What Drinks Do You Serve at a Baby Shower?

It is common to serve drinks at a baby shower. However, the best decision is to avoid alcohol. In place of alcohol, some common drinks are mocktails, lemonade, summer punches, sweet tea, berry splash, etc.


If you read the article, you already got the answer to “How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Small Budget?” We tried to provide as much information in the article, and we hope it helps you.

Just keep in mind that a baby shower is a to-be mother’s dream. Try your best to make the day memorable for her!

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