How to Decorate Mid Century Modern on a Budget?

How to Decorate Mid Century Modern on a Budget Featured Image

Are you out of ideas to decorate your space? Or do you want to try something different from modern or contemporary design? You can definitely go for mid-century modern designs that

have gained popularity worldwide.

However, many people think it requires a lot of expenses to decorate your space in MCM designs. If you are one of them, this article might save you money help you rethink.

In this article, you will get 13 ways to decorate mid-century modern on a budget. So, let’s get started!

What is a Mid-Century Modern Decor?

The mid-century modern design inspiration comes from the 20th century (1933 to 1965). The decors of the mid-century were very elegant and sophisticated.

The 20th-century families wanted their lively and bright environment with minimalist decors and efficient designs.

There are many features of a mid-century modern home. Some of them are:

  1. Furniture and artworks in geometric shapes
  2. Tapered legs lounge chairs
  3. Minimalist designs in TV stands
  4. Chandeliers and lamps with bold shapes
  5. Different color schemes

13 Ways to Decorate Mid Century Modern on a Budget

It is not obvious to keep a high budget to decorate in a mid-century style. With a minimum budget and capital, you can decorate your space gorgeously.

Here are 13 ways that can come of help to stay on a budget:

Get your colors

Choosing a proper color palette would be best to create a nice room. Therefore, it would be best to specify the colors and save your money from other products.

Some famous color palettes are navy blue, ivory, pastel blue, tan, white, and green. These colors can create a bright interior.

Additionally, people focus on four or more colors to create a bright interior. There are two hues that designers use, which are neutral or primary/ secondary colors.

Some neutral color is white, ivory, brown, grey, tan, etc. On the other hand, primary/ secondary colors are blue, red, green, yellow, orange, violet, etc.

Shop in the right store

You will get mid-century-themed pieces in furniture and antique stores. However, they might cost very high.

Therefore, you can reduce your cost by shopping regularly. It would help to visit thrift stores, flea markets, or garage sales. You will get some surprising pieces in such places within a few bucks!

Additionally, you can create a list of what you need that will come in handy while decorating. Sometimes, you may get let down by getting nothing of your choice.

So, you need to continue shopping to get everything right!

Focus on your lightings

Mid-century designs allow lots of natural lighting in the space. One simple idea is to blur the outdoor and indoor space linings.

In this regard, you can keep your curtains open, use light colors, or use none to allow light inside the space.

However, you don’t need to redesign your space to get more light. Thus you can make use of the light that already exists, and it wouldn’t cost you any money.

You can add different elements in the room to create lightings. For example, adding indoor plants makes shades on the space.

Moreover, it is better to keep minimalist plants to showcase in the space as a lot can make it like a jungle.

You can find plants at a discount price in many places. So, this will help you save money from paying the full cost of the plants.

Embrace your minimalist decors

One common feature of mid-century modern is to keep everything minimal. For this reason, you can easily stay on a budget.

It is necessary to keep everything decluttered and design everything as minimalistic as possible. In MCM design, less is more.

By doing this, you can easily embrace your space with minimalist decors by sparing more space.

Play with your designs and shapes

Furniture kills space in a room, so you need to keep very limited furniture – the most needed ones. You can choose different designs and shapes for tables, chairs, sofas, etc.

You can choose shapes like geometric profiles, canted legs, retro textures, etc. These designs and textures will make your MCM design stand out.

Some people think geometric and abstract designs, specifically rugs and wall arts, provide mid-century modern designs with more versatility.

Use reproduction theory

You would find most mid-century modern decors very expensive. Therefore, it would be best to use the reproduction theory.

You can mix-match your decors with some vintage pieces. It is very easy to find vintage pieces online as well as offline.

This would make decorating much faster while keeping everything on a budget and easy to find.

Use your statement pieces

All rooms have a statement piece, but it isn’t necessary to show all the pieces to stand out. Therefore, you can save money by purchasing fewer accessories for your space.

It would be best to spend more on statement pieces to make the room look different. For example, you can choose a sofa that would be expensive, and the side table costs less.

You can easily find great accessories in thrift stores, online sites, or flea markets. Therefore, you can use such places to shop for MCM.

Use your rugs and carpets

Furniture takes away a lot of space in a room. Therefore, you can choose bold rugs and carpets to bring a mid-century modern design to your area.

You can find rugs and carpets in stores at a low price. Additionally, there are carpets and rugs with bold colors and patterns.

Add your wall clock

Many people add a wall clock in their space to bring a mid-century modern feel. You can find iconic wall clacks at affordable prices.

Additionally, a wall clock acts as a statement accessory in many places. Some eye-catching wall clocks are made of wood or brass.

Hang your lights

Some mid-century modern designs tend to play with space exploration designs. Therefore, you can hang your lights to radiate light.

Some designers suggest that sputnik light reflects a mid-century modern look with brass rods. Additionally, lights seem to be an affordable option.

Create your feature wall

Cheap and simple walls make great feature walls. However, people use bold wallpapers to make their walls look nice.

You can also find designers use abstract designs for making feature walls. In the case of abstract walls, you can use blues, yellows, reds, and greens.

In addition, you can also use geometric patterns and oversized prints to create your space more about mid-century modern designs.

Keep your patience

When you are willing to stay on a budget, it is very important to keep your patience. It would be best to avoid wasting money in every place.

Therefore, you need to be patient and persistent with your purchases. However, you will require to move a lot to get the best deals.

Hence, if you keep your patience, you will find nice accessories and accents by saving your money.

Utilize your time

Instead of getting everything at once, it would help get your things over time. You can’t build a fort within a day, so the same goes for your space!

First, you can finish purchasing the larger accessories and then complete the look with cheaper vintage decors.

If you follow these, you can probably stay on a budget by utilizing your most time.


You can easily design your space in a mid-century modern. All the 13 ways to decorate mid-century modern on a budget given here might ease your task – saving time and effort.

However, if you are a beginner and don’t want to risk your space, it would help to hire professionals. They can help to create the best area that you desire.