How Many Women Like Seeing Men in Thongs? Let’s Find Out!

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Are you a man? Do women find you more attractive when you wear thongs? The answer to the first question is probably “no,” but the answer to the second is, unfortunately, more yes. In many parts of the world (including Western nations), men wearing thongs make up a small minority.

However, they are still lusted over by millions of women who would love to see such types in front of their own eyes. Thong-wearing has recently become so popular among men that it has been dubbed “man thonging.” Thong-wearing is not restricted to underwear either.

It can be seen with casual clothing or swimwear as well. Many men enjoy seeing other men showing off their underwear and crotch area for all to see. These narcissistic male admirers are called marauders or panty raiders by laypeople and lingerie enthusiasts. Let’s explore how many women like seeing men in thongs.

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What Makes Women Attracted to Seeing Men in Thongs?

There are many reasons why women are attracted to seeing men wearing thongs. Some women enjoy seeing their partners in underwear because it reminds them they are desirable and loved. A man wearing a thong can give a woman a sense of power, authority, and control.

Thong-wearing may also be appealing because it is a visual expression of an unspoken desire in many women. Some have found thongs exotic or erotic, while others may have desired to see a man wearing the underwear they have longed to wear themselves.

Why Do Some Women Find Guys in Thongs Sexy?

When a woman first sees a man wearing thongs, she may feel a sense of control or authority. She may even feel a hint of sexual arousal. This can be especially appealing for women trying to lose weight, who want to feel more confident, or who want to explore their sexuality in general.

Some women find thong-wearing sexy because it is a visual expression of a desire for submission, dominance, or combined with dominance. Some women have found seeing a man in a thong to be an enjoyable form of bondage. Thong-wearing can also be a way for a submissive man to express his desired relationship with another woman. For some, thong-wearing can be a form of public humiliation.

Why Are So Few Men Wearing Thongs?

We don’t know why so few men enjoy wearing thongs, although one theory is that they may be uncomfortable in such garments. This discomfort may come from the fact that most underwear today is made of synthetic cloth that is lightweight, breathable, and quick to dry. Lightweight thongs are comfortable enough for men to wear when going about their daily activities. They offer little protection or support against outside dangers such as the sun, wind, or rain.

These thongs are only made to be worn some day and may be too thin to be worn as an everyday garment. Heavy-weight thongs are meant to be worn close to the body as a layer of underwear. They are usually made of cotton and polyester for durability and sufficient protection against the elements. Heavy-weight thongs are thicker than lightweight ones and ideal for wearing all day long.

Where Does the Demand for Seeing Men in Thongs Come From?

One reason seeing men in thongs may be so appealing to some women is that most of them see a submissive man who is offering a glimpse into their desires, fantasies, and interests. There are several places where thong-wearing men are actively sought out and sought to be seen. Hotels and motels are places where many men may feel more comfortable showing off their thong-wear.

In some states and countries, nudity is not a taboo and most hotels do not legally have to restrict their guests from being nude. Airports are another place where men may feel more comfortable showing off their underwear. This is because of the traveling environment, which may include crowds or other men wearing the same type of clothing.


Thong-wearing is popular in many Western countries, and there is a rising trend in other parts of the world. However, many men still need to familiarize themselves with this underwear type when it comes to thong-wearing. Most men like seeing their partners in this type of underwear.

However, most women also prefer seeing their partners in plain or cotton underwear, which is why they wear it first. This article aims to explain why so many women see men in thongs as attractive and why so few men wear thongs. The article also highlights why thong-wearing is so popular and where the demand for men in thongs comes from.

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