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Cultural diversity, strong career opportunities, and mesmerizing natural beauty have made Canada the most desirable country to live in. And if you are planning to immigrate to this beautiful country, it is crucial to find a perfect place that will be your home for the rest of your life.

Keep in mind that no two cities in Canada offer similar facilities. This is why you need to research to discover the best place to live in Canada among all the cities. Check out the list below about the cities and choose the one that suits your interest the most!

Best Places to Live in Canada

We have done some research by taking the opinion of the citizens already residing in different provinces of Canada. And luckily, every city in Canada has to offer different lifestyles appropriate for every individual.

If you wonder where I should live in Canada, calm your mind and look at this list below to have the minimum idea you will need to choose a city before moving in.

Best Cities to live in Quebec Province:


The first one on our list is Quebec. This city is renowned for its high employment rate, excellent food, and affordable real estate. Thriving industries, such as mining, healthcare, and hydroelectricity, have made Quebec the best city for industrialists.

Furthermore, high-ranked universities and rich history and culture made this city the center of attraction for intellectuals.

The cost of living is $2000 for a single person and $100000 for a family per month.


Montreal is one of the biggest cities in Canada, which is best for: restaurants, lower living costs, and full of an energetic young generation. The only pros are there are constructions all over the city. Moreover, both financial and physical security rate is high for the women living in Montreal.


This city is for nature lovers. National parks and a cheaper rental rate have made the town an ideal place. Perfect for a family who loves to spend their vacations outdoor.

Best Cities to live in Ontario:


Toronto is one of the top places to live in Canada and is desirable for numerous reasons. Exploring the diversity of food and culture has given Toronto the popularity it deserves. If you are willing to live a competitive career and expensive lifestyle, Toronto is waiting for you.


Burlington is a much better option for families with middle-range income than living in Toronto. The living expense of Burlington is 20% lower than the biggest cities, and the climate of this city is also preferable to living with kids.


If your family’s safety is the topmost priority when looking for a place, you should pick up Oakville with your eyes closed. The safety index of this city is 72.53%, and the crime rate is only 27.47%. Oakville is the best place to live in Canada for families looking for serenity and who want to live close to nature.


Like Oakville, Markham is another safest city in Canada, with a higher safety index than Oakville. The city is famous for its flourishing industries and tech firms.

Best Cities to live in British Columbia:


The residents say that the city is the perfect match for those thinking about their retirement. Since the unemployment rate in this city is pretty low, it is better not to move there if you are a career-oriented person.

It is a great place for medical professionals. And you will need only $3181 per month if you are a single person exploring the outdoor activities in the mild weather.


Migrating to Canada as an international student is the easiest option right now because the Government supports them and invites brilliant minds worldwide to come and settle in Canada. And no other city can be better than Vancouver to live in as a student.

The city is safe famous for numerous art galleries, museums, filming, theatres, and people from different regions around the world. The growing economy and mesmerizing beauty of the Pacific Ocean will help you settle down in Canada in no time.


However, you can consider Coquitlam if you want to move your family and want a good number of options for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, or mountain climbing.

Best Cities to live in Alberta:


A single person living in Calgary has to spend $2600 monthly. Although the employment rate is high, the growing oil and gas industries can open new options for the residents. A renowned study destination in this city is the University of Calgary.

Moreover, the Calgary Stampede is the best attraction of the year which would be a sin to miss.


If you want the list of the top 100 places to live in Canada with your family, Edmonton should be at the top of the list. An excellent place to raise your children as the city has the best public schools in Canada.

Also, theme parks and big malls have always been the favorite places for kids to play.

Besides these best cities in Canada to live in, you should also check out St. John’s, Newfoundland, to start a new family, while Trois-Rivieres, Nelson, Kingston might be better options for young couples.

On the other hand, the property is pretty affordable in Halifax, Saskatoon, Hamilton, and Halifax.


We want you to think thoroughly about the city you choose to move to permanently. A few major factors may unexpectedly make your stay in Canada miserable. Rather than making decisions depending only on your career or affordability, consider the climate of your city and transportation as well.

Almost all the provinces in Canada will offer you a safe, high-quality lifestyle and top-notch healthcare services. We hope that this article helped you make a sound decision about the best place to live in Canada.


What is the Nicest Place to Live in Canada?

Every single city in Canada is nice to live in. But according to QS ranking 2020, Montreal was ranked as the nicest city to live in since the lifestyle is not costly, people are friendly in nature and lots of opportunities for the youngsters to shine.

Where is the Nicest Cheapest Place to Live in Canada?

In the southern part of Quebec, Sherbrooke might be the nicest and cheapest place to live in Canada. It is more affordable because living in this city is 20.81% lower than living in Toronto and 13% cheaper than in Montreal.

Which City Has the Best Quality of Life in Canada?

According to the quality of life, Victoria, B.C, is Canada's best city to live in. This city has earned a rating of 185.04 on the quality of life index. People love living in Victoria because the climate and living costs are also up to the mark and comfortable.

Where is the Warmest Place in Canada?

Well, Victoria has the best quality of life to live in and has the warmest weather among all other cities in Canada. The overall temperature of this city remains within the range of 4-9 degrees Celsius, where the temperature drops at night but not less than 4 degrees.

Which Province Has the Best Weather in Canada?

If you are looking for a specific province that has the best weather in Canada, that should be British Columbia. For example, Victoria and Vancouver have the lowest temperature of 34.7 and 34.5 Degrees Fahrenheit in this province, respectively.

Which is the Coldest Province in Canada?

The coldest province in Canada is Manitoba, as the cities of this province have the coldest winters. In winter, the temperature is always below the freezing temperature and often drops to -30 degrees Celsius.

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