How to Write a Bank Statement Request Letter to Manager?

How to Write a Bank Statement Request Letter to Manager?

You may need a bank statement request letter for various reasons. For example, whether you are looking to purchase a house or be eligible for a car loan, it is often necessary to provide one of these letters.

A bank statement also commonly refers as a transaction summary statement. It is a monthly financial document that provides an overall picture of all the banking activities done by a person or business entity. This article will guide you to write a bank statement request letter to the manager with appropriate requirements and ample information.

How does a bank statement request letter work?

A letter to request for the bank statement is an application or a formal document. A person needs to address the bank manager for a particular account’s details/history/summary in this document. The bank statement presents information about the account holder. For example, records of transactions occurred with timeframes, particular amounts, dates, and specific locations where banking transactions took place.

The bank account holder writes this application to request the branch manager to provide a bank statement of their account for a particular period. In return, the Bank will issue a detailed transaction statement containing deposit and withdrawal history, transaction details, the balance of an account, and other information.

Nowadays, modern technology and the advancement of the internet have evolved the banking system. Most of the activities can be done through online banking services. Using this provision, you can directly log in to your banking profile. Then, apply through software to receive your bank statement for a specific duration. You can save or download it anytime, and you’ll need not write an application to the manager. But for bureaucratic usage, a hard copy of the bank statement along with the manager’s signature and official stamp might be mandatory. Hence. You need to write a letter to request a hard copy of the account transaction statement.

The principal purpose of a bank statement

A bank statement acts as a journal for you as it shows your spending pattern. Specifically, if you use different methods of payments like bank cheques, debit, or credit cards. So you can quickly get a picture of how much you’ve spent, when and where you’ve spent.  It also helps to reveal account activity by showing opening and closing balances for a given time frame.  Besides, tax deductions and details on bank charges are also shown.  So you’ll know how much it costs to maintain a bank account. In addition, banking transaction statements are used by clients while applying for the visa as an assurance of their solvency. This is because it’s one of the mandatory documents needs for visa approval.

The basic format of a request letter to the bank manager

Here is the basic layout of the request letter to the bank manager


The recipient should be there at the very beginning. It’s the Bank Manager in this scenario. Include his post details too. It also provides the name of the Bank, the operational branch, and the branch address. The recipient is the bank manager, so they need to be acknowledged. For example, you can use Mr, Mrs. Respected Sir/Madam.

The sender’s details should follow the letter. In this case, if you are the account holder, you need to write your name, complete address, zip code, and company details if you’re working.


The date of writing the letter should be there in the date section. It is just one line below the recipient details.


The subject is a crucial part of any formal letter or application as people read it first before moving to the main body. Therefore, the issue should be short, one-line, and informative. The Bank Manager should be aware of the details of the application. To make it clear, mention your bank account number and the period you require the statement.

Body of the letter

The body of your letter is the essential part of it. It might include two to three paragraphs. The letter starts with saluting or greetings in the first paragraph, followed by your introduction and purpose of writing.

After that, you need to elaborate on your purpose for seeking a bank statement. Like, any further information which might facilitate, and also the duration of the required statement. Finally, summarize the intention of your writing and wind up with what you are looking forward to.

However, you can also indicate that if you have a particular and personalized demand.


Formal procedure

The application must reflect why you need the bank statement, outline the purpose, and in-depth information. If you have your own business or work in a company, it’s better to write the application on your letterhead. The letter must be included with an identity card, a birth certificate, business paperwork, etc., as requested by the Bank.


At the ending of the letter, you can write “Yours sincerely’, along with your name, signature, email address, and contact number.

Sample request letter for bank transaction




Date (DD/MM/YY)




Sub:  Requesting for a bank statement

Dear _________________,

I am ____________ holding a __________ account in your bank under the name of _____________. My account number is _______________. I might like to express my gratitude , if you could provide us the statement for the month of ___________ to _______. I need this statement as early as possible for income tax purposes.

It would be beneficial for me to execute the necessary thing at the earliest possible date and send us bank reports to make sure our transactions are seamless.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,





In a nutshell, a bank statement is an official copy of a paper/document which contains detailed information about your bank account. It often needs official purposes such as keeping track records of personal or business transactions, applying for a visa or residence permit, and protecting your financial fitness in certain areas. Therefore, it is always better to request a hard copy of it by writing a formal application rather than using the downloaded copy from the Bank’s website. In addition, the hard copy is signed and attested by the bank manager, so it has more credibility than the auto-generated one.

I hope this elaboration of the format pattern which we have discussed in the blog for you helps. Then, carefully follow the steps to write a formal bank statement request letter to the manager.


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