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Tom Sizemore Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Movies, Family life & Much more

Tom Sizemore is an American actor who has acted in several films and television series. Tom Sizemore net worth is approximately $4 million. He has starred in some of the top Hollywood movies like Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park, Black Hawk Down, Boiler Room and many more. The biography of Tom Sizemore is given below including his profile, wiki facts & trivia, awards won, family tree and much more.

Tom Sizemore was born on 19 November 1961. His father’s name is Thomas Edward Sizemore. His father was an officer at the DuPont Corporation with responsibilities for security and management training programs at offices all over the United States. His mother worked as a secretary at the same company. He has two children named Jayden & Jagger.

Tom Sizemore Net Worth:$4 million
Profession:Actor and Producer
Birth Date:November 29, 1961
Birthplace:Detroit, MI
Age:60 years
Marital Status:Divorced (Maeve Quinlan))
Children:2 (Jayden, Jagger)
Height:5 ft 11 inch
Weight:72 kg
Education:Temple University, Wayne State University
Father Name:Thomas Edward Sizemore
Mother Name:Judith Sizemore

Tom Sizemore Biography & Facts

Tom Sizemore is an American film actor and producer. He is best known for his roles in films such as Born on the Fourth of July, The Postman, Passenger 57, True Romance, Natural Born Killers, Saving Private Ryan, The Gift and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Sizemore was born in Detroit, Michigan.

Sizemore made action movie appearances in the early 2000s in movies like Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down and Ben Affleck’s Pearl Harbor. In the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, he provided the voice of Sonny Forelli.

Sizemore reportedly entered a drug rehabilitation program in 1998 after his mother and his friend Robert De Niro showed up at his door while filming Witness to the Mob, according to an interview published in The Calgary Sun in 2001.

Sizemore was detained for possessing methamphetamine outside the Four Points Sheraton hotel in Bakersfield, California, on May 8, 2007, even though he was still on probation for a prior drug conviction.

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The net worth of Tom Sizemore

Sizemore is a famous Hollywood actor in the world. He has starred in many movies and TV series. Furthermore, Tom Sizemore has earned a lot of money from his career. Therefore, he is considered one of the world’s richest actors. As of 2022, tom sizemore net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

His current net worth is impressive since it is much higher than the average American salary. Additionally, his current net worth is also much higher than his peak net worth. In particular, he achieved his highest peak net worth in 1997 when he was worth $20 million. Unfortunately, his career took a downturn as he struggled with substance abuse problems and injuries. However, at age 49, his career really started to take off again as he starred in several movies and TV shows including Blackwater, Terminator Salvation and The A-Team.

We can only guess what Tom Sizemore’s net worth will look like in the future because nobody knows what could happen to him due to his substance abuse issues and injuries. Nevertheless, we can all hope that he will be able to overcome his struggles and continue to make good investments that will increase his net worth over time.

Tom Sizemore’s Wife and Dating

Tom Sizemore wed actress Maeve Quinlan in his private life in 1996. Actress Maeve Quinlan is from the USA. She is best known for her 11-year stint as Megan Conley in The Bold and the Beautiful as well as the television series South of Nowhere. She went to New Trier High School and was raised in the Northfield neighborhood of the North Shore.

They got divorced after three years of marriage due to problems related to his drug use. Sizemore appeared as a patient during the third season of Celebrity Rehab on VH1 in 2010. Janelle McIntire gave birth to twins in July 2005, making Sizemore a father for the first time.

The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal, a sex tape featuring Sizemore and several women, was released by Vivid Entertainment on October 19, 2005. Sizemore claimed in the video to have had sex with Paris Hilton, a claim he later denied, saying it was a ruse to boost sales.

Awards won by Tom Sizemore

American actor Tom Sizemore has been in the spotlight for many years, and a good reason. According to Internet Movie Database, He has been nominated for several awards for his work and has won a few of them. Most notably, he was nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in 1998 for his work in Saturn Award for Favorite Actor – Horror. He also won Golden Globe Awards in 2000 for Best Actor Performance in a Miniseries or Television Motion Picture.

Tom Sizemore is an incredibly talented actor and is well-known for his roles in films such as Black Hawk Down, The Bone Collector, and Heat. He has also had a career on the stage, appearing in plays such as Hamlet. His impressive list of accomplishments makes him one of the most decorated actors of all time.


Tom Sizemore has been an amazing actor in the movie industry. He has been acting since the 80s and has starred in many popular movies such as Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down. Tom Sizemore has also starred in movies like The Gift, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Tom Sizemore has a great talent for acting and his work has attracted a lot of people to him. His acting has earned him several awards and nominations over the years. Moreover, the American actor has a great career ahead of him if he can overcome the struggles he is currently facing.

We hope that Tom Sizemore will continue to act and if he does, we will see even better performances from him in the years to come.

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