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Islamic English Medium School Fees in Dhaka

It is very important to choose the most suitable education for your children. Islamic English medium schools can be one of the best options. But are these schools cheap?

We often think that English medium schools would have very high fees. But the Guidance international school fees are very affordable for most families. This school can be a perfect option for your children to learn Islamic teachings with modern techniques.

But how do you determine you are getting the best outcome for your money. There are several things to consider. This article will focus on Islamic English medium school fees in Dhaka.

3 Things You Should Find in Every Affordable School

It is sometimes hard to figure out whether the fees are actually affordable or not. Parents may become confused about the money they put in for educating their children. Are they getting the best outcome?

Are the fees cheap or expensive compared to other schools? Thus, you need to know what makes schools affordable. Here are 3 things you should get from an affordable school.

Quality Education

Education quality is the key to understanding schooling costs. If the school provides high-quality education, any fee may seem cheap. Also, a moderately affordable institution should ensure quality education.

A school may charge a little higher fee than most other schools. But the quality of education from that school should make the institution affordable.

The Reputation of the School

The school’s reputation will likely make the costs go higher. This means that the school offers quality education. And it is popular in the industry for its services towards the students.

Such schools should be affordable in terms of key values. You may have to put in extra fees to admit your children to these schools. But it will be worth it in the long run.

Costs Associated with the Fees

The final thing on the list is the associated costs with the fees, and a good school should offer different opportunities besides only education. No parents want their children to get only academic learnings.

So, the school fees can include co-curricular activities. If this is the case, consider the school affordable by any means.

Costs Associated with Islamic English Medium School Fees in Dhaka

The total fee of any Islamic English medium school should consist of a few things. These can help you better decide which school is more affordable for you.

There can be as many as 4 different types of costs associated with the total fees. They are as follows:

Admission Fee

The admission fee is the money you pay after your children get accepted into a school. The fee is a one-time payment. This means that you will only pay the fee to confirm admission.

Some schools may include caution money with the admission fee. The school will return you that amount when you want your kid to switch schools. You may also get the money back after graduating from school.

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee is the monthly payment you pay for your kid’s education. The amount is usually not fixed. It can vary depending on the term your child gets admitted in. It can also increase as your kid moves on to the upper classes.

School Supplies

The best schools will provide every necessary equipment for classes. This includes books, pens, lab equipment, and other different resources, and the cost varies hugely from one school to another. Also, it will increase as your child moves on to the upper classes.

Extracurricular Fee

Another annual cost associated with the total fee is the extracurricular fees. Not every school will have this cost. This is an extra fee you pay for your kid’s better physical and mental improvement.

The fees are charged for different school clubs, sports, cultural activities, and science fairs. These activities enable students to learn more than bookish knowledge. They can build their creativity along with Islamic knowledge. The costs may not vary much across different levels of education.


Getting your kid admitted to the best school is a tricky decision. There are so many things to consider before making the final decision. This includes knowing Islamic English medium school fees in Dhaka.

Most Islamic English medium schools will have a little higher fee than other regular schools. This is because the schools offer quality education. Your kid can gain Islamic knowledge in the most advanced teaching systems.

The fees can include several different costs, and there can be as many as 4 different types of costs. The costs will vary across various institutions. So, you can choose the most affordable one for your family.

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