How to Freeze Dry Candy: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Freeze Dry Candy
How to Freeze Dry Candy

Candy is a delightful treat that brings many people joy, but preserving its freshness for an extended period can be challenging. Freezing is one of the most effective methods of preserving candy, but the traditional freezing process can cause the candy to become mushy and lose its original texture. This is where freeze-drying comes in. In this article, we’ll explore the process of how to freeze dry candy.

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What is Freeze Drying?

Freeze-drying is a process that removes moisture from a substance while preserving its structure and texture. The process involves freezing the substance, then placing it in a vacuum chamber, where the ice crystals sublimate or transform from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid phase. This results in a dried substance with a porous structure that retains its original texture and flavour.

Materials Needed

Before we dive into the freeze-drying process, let’s first look at the materials you’ll need to freeze -dry candy:

  • Candy
  • Freeze dryer
  • Vacuum pump
  • Vacuum chamber
  • Oxygen absorber packets
  • Sealable bags

Step-by-Step Guide to How to Freeze Dry Candy

Now that you have all the materials needed let’s go through the freeze-drying process step-by-step:

Step 1: Preparing the Candy

Start by selecting the candy you want to freeze dry. You can use any candy, including gummies, hard candies, chocolate, and more. Next, place the candy in the freezer and freeze it overnight. This step helps preserve the candy’s shape and structure during the freeze-drying process.

Step 2: Setting Up the Freeze Dryer

Once the candy is frozen, it’s time to set up the freeze dryer. Start by assembling the freeze dryer and connecting the vacuum pump to the chamber. Place the frozen candy in the freeze dryer tray and arrange them in a single layer.

Step 3: Starting the Freeze Drying Process

Close the vacuum chamber and turn on the vacuum pump. This will remove the air from the chamber, creating a vacuum. The vacuum helps remove the candy’s moisture during the freeze-drying process.

Once the vacuum is created, turn on the freeze dryer and set the temperature to -40 degrees Celsius. The freeze dryer will start to remove the moisture from the candy.

Step 4: Monitoring the Process

The freeze-drying process can take 24 to 48 hours, depending on the type and amount of candy you’re freeze-drying. Monitoring the process regularly is essential to ensure that the candy is drying evenly. You can do this by checking the freeze dryer periodically and rotating the trays if necessary.

Step 5: Sealing the Freeze-Dried Candy

Once the freeze-drying process is complete, remove the candy from the freeze dryer and place them in sealable bags. Add an oxygen absorber packet to each bag to remove any remaining moisture. Seal the bags and store them in a cool, dry place.

Benefits of Freeze-Drying Candy

There are several benefits to freeze-drying candy, including:

Extended Shelf Life: Freeze-drying removes moisture from the candy, extending its shelf life by up to 25 years. This makes freeze-dried candy an excellent option for long-term food storage.

Preserves Texture and Flavor: Freeze-drying preserves the texture and flavour of the candy, making it taste just as good as it did before the process.

Lightweight and Portable: Freeze-dried candy is lightweight and easy to transport, making it an excellent snack option for camping, road trips, or any time you go.

No Refrigeration Required: Because freeze-dried candy has a low moisture content, it doesn’t require refrigeration, making it convenient for storage and travel.

Versatile: You can freeze dry a wide variety of candy, including gummies, hard candies, chocolate, and more.

Cost-Effective: By freeze-drying candy at home, you can save money on store-bought snacks and reduce food waste by preserving leftover candy.

Tips for Freeze Drying Candy

Freeze-drying candy is a great way to extend its shelf life while preserving its texture, flavour, and appearance. However, this process can be tricky, and certain factors can affect the quality of the final product. Here are some tips to help you freeze dry candy successfully:

Choose the Right Candy: As mentioned earlier, not all candies are suitable for freeze-drying. Stick to hard candies, gummies, and marshmallows, as they freeze dry well and retain their shape and texture.

Freeze the Candy First: Freezing the Candy before placing it in the freeze dryer helps remove any excess moisture and prepares it for the freeze-drying process.

Use a Good Quality Freeze Dryer: Invest in a good quality freeze dryer that can handle the type and quantity of Candy you want to freeze dry. Cheaper models may work less efficiently or may produce inconsistent results.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions: Every freeze dryer is different, and it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when operating the machine. Make sure you understand the settings and controls before you start the process.

Arrange the Candy Properly: Arrange the frozen candies in a single layer on the trays of the freeze dryer. This ensures even drying and prevents them from sticking together.

Don’t Overload the Freeze Dryer: Overloading the freeze dryer can affect the quality of the final product. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding how much Candy you can freeze dry in one batch.

Store the Freeze-Dried Candy Correctly: Once you’ve freeze-dried the Candy, store it in an airtight container and add a desiccant packet to absorb any moisture. Keep the container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Freeze-drying candy is an excellent way to preserve its texture and flavour while extending its shelf life. With the right materials and a step-by-step process, you can easily freeze dry any candy at home. Remember to monitor the process and store the freeze-dried candy in a cool, dry place for optimal shelf life. Enjoy your delicious and long-lasting freeze-dried candy!

FAQs on How to Freeze Dry Candy

Can any type of candy be freeze-dried?

Yes, you can freeze dry any type of candy, including gummies, hard candies, chocolate, and more.

What is the shelf life of freeze-dried candy?

Freeze-dried candy can last up to 25 years if stored in a cool, dry place.

Can you freeze dry homemade candy?

Yes, you can freeze dry homemade candy using the same process as store-bought candy.

How do you know when the freeze-drying process is complete?

The freeze-drying process is complete when the candy is dry and crispy to the touch.

Can freeze-dried candy be rehydrated?

Yes, freeze-dried candy can be rehydrated by adding a small amount of water to the candy and letting it sit for a few minutes.