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Droit Addons for Elementor Review [Pros & Cons]

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Droit Addons for Elementor is a fully customizable toolset for Elementor page builder. It comes with a ton of features. 

Addons built for Elementor usually contain a lot. Here Droid Addon has a perfect set of tools for making gorgeous-looking websites. 

One of its quirks is integrating the additional features to the Elementor Page builder’s available options. So, the tools are easy to find. You don’t have to look for them or import them from somewhere else.

Droit Addon is a good choice for the Elementor ecosystem. All the features quickly adapt to the interface, making it much easier for the developer. 

We are going to see the pros and cons of Droit Addon for Elementor.  

Let us look at the good features and the limitation of this Elementor Addon. 

Droit Addons for Elementor Review

Droit gives a lot with zero cost on their Elementor Addon. So, it actually worths a try. There are a few out there who offers this much amount of essential features for free. 


Here are some of the cool features of Droit Elementor Addons.


When someone is thinking of an Elementor Addon, they first focus on the price. Droit has beaten all its counterparts in this area.  It offers an outstanding amount of essential features for free, which worths a good amount of money. 

It has an immense option for customizability. It has almost everything you will need for any design structure. 

Widgets are essential for any website. Droit has  23+ widgets with 73+ presets, so it is a colossal customization option.  

It has a lot of other admirable features to amaze you. The free version is completely free for a lifetime, and the developers are daily adding more and more to the collection. 


Powerful Controls

Droit Elementor Addon gives you the ultimate flexibility to control the design from each aspect. In addition, the customization options give you designing independence.

Customization can help you make changes to each portion. This one is an outstanding feature. Unfortunately, this is a lacking feature in some of its other counterparts in the market.

Flexibility in customization has elevated the Droit Elementor Addons to a whole new level. Even in the free version, the developer did not limit the options for customization. 

So Droit focuses more on the satisfaction of their customers.

Speed Optimization

Often the speed optimization is overlooked when the developers focus more on the features. Loading time is a very crucial part of a website. If the website loads slowly, the user experience will not be good. 

Although the Droit theme is feature enriched, it does not hampers your website’s loading speed. 

Droit has advanced caching capability with some other standards to ensure a faster loading speed of the widgets. 

So, Is There More?

All the areas mentioned above were about the free subscription. Those features are free for a lifetime, and you don’t have to spend any amount on that. 

You can get a lot more on premium subscriptions. There is a total of 40+ widgets with 140+ presets to choose from when you unlock any of the Droit subscriptions. You get access to all the beautifully crafted presets when you purchase a package. 

Droit offers two plans in their subscription, annual and lifetime.  

You can purchase these subscriptions at a discounted price for a limited time. Have a look at the prices. 

Annual Subscriptions Price Follows

Package/Price Pro Premium Ultimate
Regular Price  59$ 129$ 259$
Discount Price  29$ 59$ 129$

Lifetime Subscriptions Price as Follows

Package/Price Pro Premium Ultimate
Regular Price  119$ 259$ 499$
Discount Price  59$ 139$ 239$


Now let us see what you are getting for each of the packages. You will get all the features same for each subscription, but the change is on the number of websites where you can use this addon. 

For the Pro package, you can use it on only one website, and it increases to 10 websites on Premium and unlimited websites on the Ultimate package.

The other features you will get with each subscription are: 

  • Parallax Effect 
  • One page scroll 
  • Full page scroll 
  • Custom CSS 
  • Advanced Editor 
  • Page, the post clone feature
  • Lottie effect 
  • Update for one year in Annual subscription and lifetime update for the Lifetime subscription
  • Lifetime usage for 01 domain
  • 01-year dree support  for annual and lifetime support for Lifetime Subscription


There are not that many cons for Droit Addons for Elementor. So, it should not be a concern for you. 

They don’t have an enriched template library, and they should focus more on their collections. 

All the subscription has the same things to offer. There is only a change in the active website numbers. So, sometimes it is hard for the user to choose among them. People get puzzled while choosing one.  

Final Words

The Droit Elementor Addon is an excellent value-for-money Addon on the market. It already offers a lot in its free version.

So, now you have got the Droit Addons for Elementor review. You can try it for free and choose your desired package if you want some more.  

Droit focuses on what the customer needs and charges a very reasonable amount for their subscriptions. 


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