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Can You Dry Clothes In A Microwave?

The last thing you want to do when you come home from work is spent hours doing laundry. But if you live in a modern era where everyone has electricity access, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. After all, your clothes can only get cleaner with more access to electricity, right? Wrong.

Drying your clothes in a microwave not only takes longer than it should, but it could also pose some serious dangers to your health. If you’re ready to swear off drying your clothes in microwaves for good, then keep reading for the top 5 reasons why it’s never a good idea to dry clothes in a microwave.

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Drying Clothes in a Microwave Takes Way Too Long

Drying your clothes in a microwave will take much longer than hanging them outside. This is because microwaves don’t focus enough heat on your clothes to dry them out completely. Instead, they warm your clothes up, which isn’t nearly as efficient. This is especially true if you have dark or heavy-material items, like jeans or sweaters, that aren’t very absorbent, to begin with.

In these cases, it would take a long time for your clothes to dry. If you try to speed up the process by using a microwave with a higher wattage or by doubling the time you’re supposed to be microwaving your clothes, you’ll have a bad accident on your hands. You could end up melting your clothes, burning yourself, or both.

Microwaves are Bad for Textiles

Using a microwave to dry your clothes could damage textiles, especially if you leave them too long or use a higher wattage. Certain types of synthetic fabrics could be harmed by the heat as well. Many manufacturers don’t recommend using a microwave to dry your clothes. These textiles might be able to handle the heat, but they could also end up shrinking, pilling, developing stretch marks, or losing their colour.

Using a microwave to clean your clothes might damage your microwave’s glass or metal exterior. These metals could melt or warp completely if they come into contact with the intense heat produced by a microwave.

Microwaves Don’t Heat Water Uniformly

When you try to microwave dry your clothes, you might be surprised to notice that the water used for cleaning your clothes isn’t heated evenly. Instead, it’s heated in quite small areas, which isn’t very efficient. Water is heated in a microwave by placing the clothes in a special chamber and then pulsing microwave energy at a specific wavelength.

The microwaves interact with the molecules in the water, causing it to vibrate at a much higher frequency than normal, which we interpret as heat. In the case of your laundry, the water isn’t heated evenly because it can’t flow freely. Instead, it’s confined to the small channel of your clothes, creating hot and cool spots.

If you have a lot of heavy or absorbent items like towels, this could make it almost impossible for your water to be heated evenly.

Drying Clothes in a Microwave Creates Static Electricity

We’ve all heard about the dangers of static electricity, but do you know why it’s so dangerous to dry your clothes in a microwave? When you iron your clothes, you create a static charge between your clothes and the iron plate. This keeps your clothes from snagging on each other while you’re wearing them. The same thing happens when you dry your clothes in a microwave.

The microwave provides a source of static electricity like an iron plate does when you iron your clothes. If you wear a sweater that’s been dried in a microwave, you create a charge between your clothes and your body. This makes it much harder to remove your clothes when you need to use the bathroom.

Microwaves Emit Radiation Harmful to Humans

It might not surprise you to learn that microwaves have the potential to damage your health, but you probably didn’t know that they emit harmful radiation. This radiation is known as “non-thermal” radiation because it doesn’t heat water or your clothes. Instead, it creates artificial heat and is known to cause damage to the human body. This radiation is especially dangerous for children and the elderly, who are more susceptible to its harmful effects.


Drying your clothes in a microwave is dangerous and could seriously damage textiles. It could also damage your microwave, potentially causing fires. It could also cause you to experience electric shock or create static electricity, which can harm your health. If you must dry your clothes in a microwave, ensure they’re completely dry before putting them away.

This will reduce the chances of damaging your textiles or causing you harm. Drying your clothes in a microwave is a terrible idea. There are plenty of ways to clean your clothes that don’t involve putting them in a microwave. If you’re ready to swear off drying your clothes in microwaves for good, then keep reading for the top 6 reasons why it’s never a good idea to dry your clothes in a microwave.

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