Top 10 Best Car Insurance for 20 Year Old

Top 10 Best Car Insurance for 20 Year Old

If you are looking for the best car insurance for 20 year old, you are at the right place! Here you will find all the important suggestions about car insurance and ways to minimize your premium.

Unfortunately, due to accident statistics and lack of experience, newly adult drivers have to pay a comparatively high annual insurance premium. But there are ways to avoid this high cost. You can reduce the total amount significantly by following a perfect strategy.

So, let’s dive into the details.

What Is The Average Car Insurance for 20 Year Old?

If you wonder how much car insurance is for a 20 year old, let me give you an exact answer.

The usual amount is around $3,794 per year for full coverage car insurance. The amount is far more than the national annual average but less than what 18 and 19 years old have to pay. Well, the national yearly average cost of full coverage car insurance is $1674.

Gender and Car Insurance Rates

Along with age, car insurance also depends on gender until you reach 25 years. According to some insurance companies, the risk exposure of a teen boy is higher than a teen girl. They are more likely to involve in a traffic accident and file a claim.

That’s why they determined the car insurance for 20 year old females is about 10% less than the car insurance for 20 year old males.

Meanwhile, California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and some other states of the USA don’t allow auto insurance companies to determine the rates while using gender as a factor.

Why Is The Rate So High for Teenagers?

Between the age of 16 – 25, the insurance is higher than an adult driver. The insurance company typically determines the cost based on a person’s driving record. A few years of driving experience is not enough to judge a driver’s ability.

Besides, insurance companies also focus on the statistics of accidents. Although judging a group of people based on statistics seems injustice, you can’t deny the facts.

According to statistics, the number of fatal accidents teen drivers cause is higher than the number of fatal accidents that older drivers cause.

Top 10 Affordable Car Insurance for 20-Year-Olds

If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance for 20 year old, any of the following ten companies can be a good option to go for.

  1. USAA
  2. Geico
  3. State Farm
  4. Travelers
  5. Nationwide
  6. Progressive
  7. American Family
  8. Farmers
  9. Allstate
  10. Erie

How Young Drivers Can Save on Car Insurance?

Along with finding cheap car insurance for 20 year olds, you can also utilize some other factors to reduce the amount of your car insurance. The following points will tell them in detail.

Choosing the Right Car

Vehicles types have a significant effect on determining the premium of your insurance. Luxurious and high-performance cars cost more as their repairing is expensive, and the risk of theft is also high.

You should not think about getting sports cars or SUVs when you are thinking about minimizing insurance premiums.

Old and relatively safe models are good options to go for in this instance.

Get Your Hands on to The Perfect Coverages

Car insurance companies offer different types of packages. Many of them even provide special discounts to teen drivers and young adults.

You can save a significant amount of money just by selecting a perfect package with discounts. And while choosing a package, keep in mind that different states require different levels and types of coverage.

Considering all these factors, do thorough research and go for the perfect auto insurance coverage for you.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

Regarding age, driving record is an important variable for car insurance. It will be hard for you to find cheap insurance for 20 years if you have a bad record in your teenage time. A single ticket or accident can create a huge increment in your rates.

Although some insurance companies forgive first at-fault accidents, not all companies are this generous.

Pay All The Bills Timely

Auto insurance companies usually use your credit card score to determine the premium. If the card has a lower score, they may ask you to pay more.

Hence, try to pay all your bills on time and save yourself from credit card loans.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have got all the essential ideas about the best car insurance for 20 year old. Even if you are a good driver, you can’t avoid the comparatively high premium at this stage.

But by following the right strategy and keeping your driving record clean, you can reduce the amount significantly. And wait a few more years to get rid of the new driver tag and enjoy a lot less premium.

So be patient, and drive safely!


What Age Does Car Insurance Go Down?

At the age of 25, car insurance goes down. However, if you are a good driver, even before you turn 25, you may see decreases in your car insurance every time you renew your policy.

Can I Put My 20 Year Old on My Car Insurance?

There is no age limit on when you can put your child on your car insurance. If they live with you and drive a vehicle in which you have an insurable interest, then age does not matter. Therefore, you can definitely put your 20-year-old on your car insurance.

How Much Is Car Insurance Per Month on Average?

In the US, the average cost of car insurance is about $1630 per year. So, in a month, the amount will be around $130. However, the amount varies based on how good a driver is as well as their credits.

How Much is Insurance on a Camaro for a 20-Year-Old?

In Camaro, the insurance varies based on your age group. For 20-29 years old, the average rate you can expect to pay is $265.17 in a month. On the other hand, 16-19 years olds have to pay $368.49 in a month.

Which Age Group Pays the Most Car Insurance?

16 years old have to pay on average 80% more car insurance than older drivers. On the other hand,  male drivers more than female drivers.

Meanwhile, the rates vary based on their parent’s full coverage car insurance policy.